Olympus DAO (OHM) is the first ever Ethereum-based DAO that created a reserve currency from bonding and staking. As such their platform pays out over 1,000% APY to stakers that back the system.

This OHM Staking Calculator is designed to help you work out if the rewards are worth your time and money.

OHM Staking Calculator

This Olympus Dao (OHM) staking calculator lets you work out your minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly APY. The formula assumes that OHM stakers will claim and redeposit at least one time, accounting for the slightly higher APY than usual.

Where to Stake Olympus DAO?

The only place to safely stake OHM tokens is directly through the Olympus DAO app. Avoid using any other platforms as they may have smart-contract risks that could make you lose your funds.

Is OHM Staking Safe?

OHM Staking from a smart-contract standpoint is incredibly safe. Their protocol has been battle-tested by being in production for years, and has suffered no serious hacks or bugs.

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