Best Metaverse Crypto Projects

Best Metaverse Crypto Projects

Sara White
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Nov 20, 2022

As the Metaverse ecosystem continues to expand, so do the investment opportunities within it. While there are many different projects to choose from, we believe that these are the 5 best Metaverse projects to invest in right now.

  1. DeFi Kingdoms (DFK)
  2. Splinterlands (SPS)
  3. Nine Chronicles (WNCG)
  4. Crabada (CRA)
  5. Gods Unchained (GODS)
  6. Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU)
  7. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Continue reading to find out why these are the most exciting on-chain Metaverse and GameFi projects in Crypto.

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Platform Highlights

  • Largest Metaverse and GameFi project on Avalanche.
  • Available on AVAX and Harmony One network.
  • Farm native token $JEWEL and earn real money.

1. DeFi Kingdoms (DFK)

DeFi Kingdoms is a leading play-to-earn game that is currently built on top of the Harmony One network. Their Dapp has grown to become one of the most popular GameFi games in the Metaverse with over 30,000 monthly active users.

The game is centered around collecting heroes, questing them, farming for experience and summoning more heroes after collecting 10 Gaia’s tears. It is rumored that the game will be moving cross-chain, with the first implementation being on an Avalanche subnet. You can read our Defi Kingdoms Review for more information.

DeFi Kingdoms Metaverse
DeFi Kingdoms on the Harmony Blockchain.

2. Splinterlands (SPS)

Splinterlands is one of the most popular Play & Earn metaverse projects which is based around battling collectable NFT cards. The game currently boasts over 500,000 users worldwide and is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) network.

Splinterlands effectively combines the gameplay of Pokemon or Yugioh Trading Cards with the lore and art style of World of Warcraft. The native token Splintershares (SPS) is currently valued at $30 million in market capitalisation and is the primary reward token in-game.

The Splinterlands trading card game.

3. Nine Chronicles (WNCG)

Nine Chronicles is a popular MMORPG in a world that can never shut down where players explore, learn, earn and gather resources to conquer the 9 realms. The game is based around helping a goddess named Freya in saving the lands that have been ravaged by an evil entity.

The Nine Chronicles token (WNCG) can be earned in-game and is currently valued at around $10 million in market capitalization. The token can be used to buy better items, equipment and stake it to earn revenue from in-game trades.

Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles Gameplay.

4. Crabada (CRA)

Crabada is another interesting game that is a spin-off of Axie Infinity which is being built on the Avalanche blockchain. The focus of this game is to first purchase 3 crabs that will enable you to battle, quest and breed new crabs which you can ultimately sell on a marketplace. As you can tell, we are bullish on any game that is built on the Avalanche network.

Crabada Metaverse
Battle and breed ancient crabs with Crabada on the Avalanche Network.

5. Gods Unchained (GODS)

Gods Unchained is a game that is very similar to Magic the Gathering that is built on the Immutable X (IMX) blockchain. This TCG style game is one of the most popular for non-crypto natives, which is a very promising sign. It was built by the main developers behind Immutable X who are based in Sydney, Australia. 

We believe God's Unchained has very high growth potential as the blue-chip game of the Immutable X network. 

Gods Unchained GameFi
Combat gameplay on Gods Unchained.

6. Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU)

Dragon Crypto Aurum is a new game that is built on the Avalanche blockchain that is a simple quest-to-earn model. The game revolves around questing, battling and looting equipment to ultimately boost up your character strength to fight in the PVP battlegrounds. It is one of the newest games on Avalanche and is currently in alpha.

Dragon Crypto Aurum has an incredibly small market capitalization at $15m full-diluted, which means it still has quite a lot of upside. 

Dragon Crypto Aurum
Dragon Crypto Aurum old school RPG on Avalanche Network.

7. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is the largest and most played cryptocurrency or Metaverse game on any blockchain. While it was one of the best performers in 2021, it still has room for growth in 2022 thanks to its exciting roadmap. One of the more promising aspects of the Axie Infinity metaverse is the growth of the Ronin DEX, which is the project's native decentralized exchange.

The revenue being raised from trades on the Ronin DEX is currently being redistributed to AXS stakers, making it an increasingly profitable token to both hold and accumulate if you are interested in revenue streams.

AXIE Infinity and Ronin Metaverse Land
Axie Infinity and Ronin Marketplace.

Where to buy Metaverse Cryptos and Stocks

There is not one single exchange that will give you access to all of the metaverse cryptocurrencies. Many of them are only investable if you move your funds 'on-chain' onto different networks like Harmony for DeFi Kingdoms, Avalanche for Crabada or Ronin for Axie Infinity.

If you want to use an exchange that would give you the access to buy a majority of metaverse cryptocurrencies, we would recommend eToro. They like you buy Metaverse the best metaverse cryptos and stocks like Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Meta (META), Roblox and many others.

Metaverse Stocks
Invest in Metaverse Stocks on the eToro platform.

What is GameFi vs Metaverse?

GameFi represents a subset of the Metaverse, as the 'gaming' specific aspect of the meta-economy. The Metaverse encompasses all aspects of the meta-economy which would include GameFi, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), SocialFi, NFTs and other innovations that come from blockchains.

Why is the Metaverse a Good Investment?

One of the key reasons underpinning why the Metaverse is a good investment is because it is not correlated to traditional financial markets. The price of traditional equities does not need to continue to increase for more users to start playing Metaverse games, which makes the sector an interesting hedge in times of uncertainty.

To help you navigate the Metaverse space in crypto, we have decided to write a short-list of 5 really interesting Metaverse projects in crypto right now.

How to buy Land in the Metaverse

If you are interested in buying land or real estate in different metaverse applications on the Ethereum, Avalanche or other blockchains - you will need to invest in the native currency first. For example, you can buy land plots on Defi Kingdoms (JEWEL), but they will cost you at least $10,000USD in JEWEL tokens.

In order to buy land in these metaverse projects, you must be confident in the long-term sustainability and demand for both the game and the real estate within the game.

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