Summary: Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that has rapidly ascended to prominence since its inception in 2017. It’s known for its wide range of trading options, including spot, futures, and derivatives markets with leverage. It caters to a global userbase of 170 million across 100 countries by providing a multilingual interface available in 30 languages. Binance is not just limited to trading, it also offers additional services like crypto wallets, staking, loans, and a DeFi ecosystem. 

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What is Binance?

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a marketplace for trading more than 350 cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, it is known for its wide range of services, including spot, options and futures trading, staking, NFT marketplace, crypto loans, and even its own blockchain, Binance Smart Chain. It provides robust security, high liquidity, low transaction fees, and a user-friendly interface. Binance's significant trading volume across many digital currencies has made it one of the largest and most influential crypto exchanges in the world.

Binance Features

Binance shines as a premier exchange in the cryptocurrency landscape, boasting a range of distinct features and services catered to the diverse needs of the digital currency community. It offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities aimed at enhancing the crypto trading experience. Here's a detailed overview of the key offerings Binance provides to its clients:

  1. Varied Trading Options: Participate in the purchase, sale, and trading of over 350 cryptocurrencies across multiple markets, such as spot, futures, and options trading, with leverage possibilities extending up to 50x.
  2. Launchpad and Launchpool: These platforms facilitate the introduction of innovative blockchain projects, granting members early access to token launches and opportunities to obtain new cryptocurrencies directly on the exchange.
  3. Staking and Savings: Delve into a variety of staking and savings opportunities, including Binance Earn, to accrue returns on idle assets with APY up to 80%.
  4. Binance Visa Card: Leverage the Binance Visa Card to make everyday purchases, with acceptance at countless outlets globally, enabling the seamless use of cryptocurrencies for daily transactions.
  5. Crypto Lending and Earn: Generate income by lending your digital assets, with a wide selection of tokens available for diverse earning potentials.
  6. Crypto Loans: Obtain loans against your digital assets, with substantial USD value limits, using popular cryptocurrencies as collateral for enhanced financial agility.
  7. Demo Account: Binance offers a testnet environment for those wary of risking actual capital, providing a platform for practice trading with virtual funds to refine trading approaches.
  8. Multi-Platform Support: Binance ensures trading flexibility across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, with dedicated applications for iOS and Android, facilitating trading from anywhere.
Binance Exchange.
Binance Exchange.

Is Binance Regulated?

Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, holds numerous regulatory licenses worldwide. In Europe, they are licensed to provide digital asset services in countries like France, Italy, Spain, and others. They operate a digital asset platform in Kazakhstan and provide various financial services in the Middle East, including Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. In the Asia-Pacific region, they're registered in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand. They're also registered in Mexico and provide services in South Africa. 

‍Binance is not required to disclose financial information or have its balance sheet audited in the same way that publicly traded companies are. However, the exchange has taken steps to build trust with its users and the broader cryptocurrency community, including publishing regular reports on proof of reserves and the health and security of its platform.

Fees Schedule

The fee structure on Binance varies depending on which product you are using on the platform. If you are only buying and selling crypto with spot, you will be charged a 0.1% flat fee. As for deposit fees, they vary depending where you are located and what deposit method you choose. When depositing FIAT by credit/debit card the fee can range from 1.8% - 4.5%. For crypto deposits they vary quite a bit and will also incur a gas (transaction fee), we recommend referring to its Fee Schedule for a full breakdown.

Mobile App

Binance supports mobile versions of their platform for both Apple and Android products. The app has an incredible 4.7 stars with 120,000+ reviews on the Apple Store. They are ranked #37 in the Finance section. On the Google Play Store, they have amassed an impressive 4.1 stars from 1.5 million reviews. It provides the same functionality and UI of the web version of the exchange. You can check your portfolio, trade futures and see how the markets are doing on the go. 

Binance App: iPhone Screenshot.
Binance App: iPhone Screenshot.

Supported Countries

Binance offers its extensive trading services to an expansive global audience, making its platform accessible to users in over 100 countries worldwide. The platform is celebrated for its global reach, welcoming a varied clientele from multiple continents. Although the availability of certain services might fluctuate due to the regulatory landscape and specific legal stipulations related to cryptocurrency trading in different regions, Binance strives to maintain widespread access, positioning itself as a go-to exchange for international traders.

Binance Staking (Earn)

Binance has some of the most enticing staking yields (returns) ranging from 1% - 80% APY. Binance is able to offer high yields because it requires you to lock your assets for a certain period of time. By requiring to lock in your funds for 1 - 6 months this ensures the yields won’t vary too much or at all. They have various staking options available, we will list the top 5 below with a brief explanation of each feature. 

  1. Locked Staking - Staking that requires you to lock your assets from 1 - 6 months
  2. DeFi Staking - Flexible and locked staking options for DeFi tokens
  3. Flexible Savings - No lock-in staking with small APY from 0.5% - 10%
  4. Locked Savings - Locked staking with slighter higher APY than Flexible Savings
  5. Farming - Double sided staking liquidity pools with yields from 0.4% - 24%

For a full breakdown of the above-mentioned staking options, you can visit Binance’s Earn page. 

Binance Earn.
Binance Earn.

What is BNB Chain?

BNB Chain is a blockchain platform created by Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The aim of BNB Chain is to provide a high-performance, decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrencies, NFTs, digital collectables and other digital assets. BNB Chain is built on top of the open source Tendermint Core technology, which enables it to offer fast and scalable transaction processing.

BNB Chain is designed to offer a high level of security and resilience. The platform uses a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm, which is designed to ensure that the platform remains operational even in the event of network partitions or node failures. Iit uses a multi-signature scheme to further protect user funds. In addition, BNB Chain offers a range of features that are designed to make it an attractive platform for developers and businesses. 

Binance Futures Trading

Binance Futures, an integral part of global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, provides a robust platform for trading futures contracts on various cryptocurrencies. It is distinguished by its competitive fee structure, with a maker fee of 0.02% and a taker fee of 0.07%, and deep liquidity, making it capable of handling large orders with minimal price impact.

This platform trades the highest volume globally, providing abundant liquidity, which is crucial in minimizing price slippage during high-volume trades. Binance also offers up to 25x leverage on futures trading selected cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to control larger positions with less capital, though this comes with increased risk.

Binance Futures Trading.
Binance Futures Trading.

Customer Support

Binance is one of the few exchanges that offer a live support feature. In addition to live chat they can be contacted via email, phone, their online communities (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn & VK) or via their online enquiry form. On their online communities they have channels in their servers for multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian, Japanese, Turkish and many more.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Binance is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide array of services and products. Known for its robust security, high liquidity, and intuitive interface, it caters to all levels of traders. Despite higher trading fees, Binance compensates users with substantial staking yields and innovative features. With worldwide regulatory licenses, a dedicated mobile app, live customer support, and transparency measures, it remains a significant player in the global crypto market.