Summary: RBS does not directly offer services that allow their customers to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through their RBS Digital Banking account. Instead, customers will need to find an alternative platform that is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to buy Crypto with a GBP deposit.

Our top pick for investors in the UK is Uphold. Their platform offers instant and free GBP deposits from RBS Bank to trade & stake over 250 cryptocurrencies with zero fees. The company is London-based and regulated by the FCA, making them a safe place to start investing in digital assets.

Best Crypto Exchange for RBS Bank
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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Royal Bank of Scotland?

Yes, being an RBS customer, you have the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies through authorised cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These exchanges offer immediate transactions of British Pounds (GBP) straight from your RBS account or card. These platforms, working under stringent regulatory oversight, afford a secure and compliant setting for procuring and transacting digital currencies.

How to Buy Crypto with RBS

If you're interested in purchasing Bitcoin and other digital assets using RBS, we suggest using a regulated exchange like Uphold. Uphold, based in London, is an FCA-licensed exchange allowing for swift and costless GBP deposits from RBS accounts to buy, trade, and stake over 250 crypto assets at attractive prices. Investors can deposit funds via Faster Payments, bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others.

You can get started with this simple guide:

  1. Sign up to the Uphold platform and verify your identity (personal or company).
  2. Connect your RBS Bank account or Credit/Debit Card to Uphold by selecting the 'My Banks' button on your dashboard.
  3. You can then select the 'Connect Bank' button to link your RBS Bank account to Uphold and deposit GBP.
  4. Once the money lands in your account, you can find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and execute your trade.
Deposit Funds with RBS to Buy Crypto.
Deposit Funds with RBS to Buy Crypto.

Royal Bank of Scotland Crypto Policy

Holding a progressive viewpoint on cryptocurrencies, RBS supports its customers in venturing into digital asset investments via exchanges that have been sanctioned by respected regulatory bodies. This includes institutions like the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or similarly respected European entities such as BaFin or ESMA. Through this approach, RBS provides its clients with a secure pathway to traverse the evolving crypto landscape, diversify beyond traditional banking arenas, and incorporate digital assets such as Bitcoin into their investment strategies.

About RBS Bank

Royal Bank of Scotland Group is a Scottish multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 branches, mainly in Scotland though there are branches across the length and breadth of England and Wales.

RBS Digital Banking Online is a secure, easy, and convenient way to bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland. RBS customers can use RBS Digital Banking Online to check their account balances, view transactions, transfer money and pay bills. RBS Digital Banking Online is available across the United Kingdom 24/7 and is accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Royal Bank of Scotland.
Royal Bank of Scotland.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, customers of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have a secure and compliant pathway to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through authorised exchanges like Uphold, which operate under the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) regulations. RBS's progressive stance towards cryptocurrencies fosters a secure environment for customers to diversify their investments beyond traditional banking and incorporate digital assets into their portfolio. With easy-to-follow procedures for setting up and transacting, RBS empowers its customers to comfortably navigate the evolving landscape of digital currencies.