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Can I buy Crypto with RBS Bank?

As at time of writing, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) does not offer any services that would enable customers to buy or sell Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This means that you cannot buy Cryptocurrency directly through your RBS online banking account, or through an RBS Bank Branch.


How to buy Crypto with a RBS Bank account?

If you want to buy Cryptocurrency with fiat from your RBS Bank account, you will be able to do this by depositing into a licensed exchange in the United Kingdom or Europe. We recommend eToro because they are regulated across Europe, offer fast GBP/EURO deposits and have zero trading fees.

You can connect your RBS Bank account in minutes to transfer funds into eToro from most countries in the EU.

Buy Crypto RBS Bank with Bank Transfer


Royal Bank of Scotland Cryptocurrency Policy

The RBS does not have any banking policies that would prohibit their customers from depositing or withdrawing fiat from a licensed digital asset trading platform. This means you are safe to transfer funds to and from trusted exchanges like eToro without having to worry about the bank freezing your account.

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May 19, 2022
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