Uphold is one of the United States’ most popular multi-asset exchanges that was founded in 2015 out of New York. Since their inception, Uphold and Uphold Crypto has processed more than $5 Billion in transactions.

Their trading platform and the Uphold App really move the needle from a customer experience standpoint as you can seamlessly trade between any asset class for low fees.

A comparison of Uphold against Coinbase, Revolut and Robinhood.

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Available Assets on Uphold

As at time of writing, the Uphold crypto exchange supports over 58 different cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana and more.

For US stocks, they offer the 50 of the most popular assets which include names like Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others. Finally on the precious metals side, customers can trade Gold, Silver, Platinum and Paladium on the Uphold exchange.


Uphold Fees

As a multi-asset brokerage, the fees you pay on Uphold will depend on the asset class you are investing in or trading. Below is a high level summary for the fees across the entire suite of Uphold products and services.


Uphold Crypto Fees

The fees to trade on Uphold Crypto are completely free, however there is normally a spread in the price of about 1%. This means that the price to buy or sell crypto will generally be 0.5% higher or lower. You can read more about Uphold’s crypto fees here.


Precious Metals

The spread to trade precious metals like Gold and Silver is typically 3%.

US Equities

The spread for US Equities on Uphold is dynamic and can be dependent on market volatility. In normal market conditions, the spread to trade stocks is around 1%.

Uphold Deposit Methods

Uphold has a wide variety of funding methods to start trading on their platform. In terms of fiat currencies, they currently accept USD, CAD, EUR and GBP.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to start buying crypto on Uphold is through a deposit from your Debit Card or Credit Card. We have provided a table below that gives a high-level overview of the available deposit methods and relevant charges.

Deposit Method Deposit Limit Withdrawal Limit
Credit Card or Debit Card Minimum: $10
Maximum: $1500 per week
Bank Transfer ACH Minimum: $10
Maximum: $2500 per day
Minimum: $5
Maximum: $10,000 per day
Bank Transfer SEPA Unlimited Minimum: $10
Maximum: $50,00 per day
US Wire Transfer Unlimited Unlimited


Uphold vs Coinbase

When comparing Uphold vs Coinbase, you must consider whether you are interested in trading cryptocurrency only, or you want multiple asset classes.

If you are only interested in Cryptocurrency, then Coinbase is without doubt the best destination to get started in the United States. They offer lower fees, more crypto assets and even the ability to lend out your crypto to earn rewards.


On the other hand, if you want to be nimble and trade across various asset classes - Uphold is the only exchange with the capability to do this. If you are looking for an alternative multi-asset brokerage Webull Crypto is a good option for investors in the USA.

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