Summary: You cannot buy Bitcoin directly through KeyBank online. You will need to sign up to a trusted exchange in the USA to deposit USD to buy BTC and Crypto.

We recommend eToro for low fees, security and the ability to trade crypto, stocks, ETFs, commodities and more.

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Can I buy Bitcoins with KeyBank?

As at time of writing, KeyBank does not offer any native services to buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. With that said, they do allow their customer to deposit US Dollars into trusted and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges if they want to invest in the asset class.

It is important that customers avoid using off-shore exchanges because KeyBank may freeze your bank account due to risk of fraudulent activities. This is why recommend trusted exchanges like eToro or Coinbase.

How to buy Bitcoin with a KeyBank account

The best way to buy Bitcoin with a KeyBank account is by depositing USD into a low-fee exchange that offers a wide range of ways to get exposure to BTC. We recommend eToro because you can buy Bitcoins, or stocks that have exposure to digital assets like Coinbase, Robinhood or Microstrategy.

The guide below is a high-level overview on how to get started.

  1. Sign up to eToro US
  2. Verify your personal information
  3. Deposit USD via Bank Transfer from your KeyBank account
  4. Buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin related stocks like Coinbase through their platform
Buying Bitcoin with KeyBank
Buying Bitcoin with KeyBank on eToro

KeyBank Crypto Policy

As mentioned earlier, KeyBank does let customers buy and sell digital assets through regulated and licensed platforms. This means they will not freeze your account for depositing funds into crypto trading platforms, although they may do so if you are using offshore exchanges that are not licensed in the United States.

This means you will need to be careful when selecting exchanges if you are looking to buy long-tail altcoins and other exotic tokens.

Buy Bitcoin with KeyBank
Apr 12, 2022
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