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The Best NFT Marketplaces

2021 awakened the world to non-fungible token (NFT) technology. NFTs have built a fresh peer to peer to the economy and a vibrant consumer audience that generated $41 billion in sales. NFT can tokenize and monetize any unique or scarce physical or digital asset via blockchain technology. 

The NFT marketplace is the sector's showground, leveraging blockchain technology to prove provenance and support the trade of NFTs. Additionally, these platforms enforce royalty attribution and the distribution of second-hand sale revenue to content creators after NFT sales. 


Selecting the Best NFT Marketplace

NFT enthusiasts should leverage the best NFT marketplaces when engaging the market to access the best offers, security, efficiency and a broad audience. There are two main classes of NFT marketplaces. Streamlined marketplace such as OpenSea, Super Rare or Rarible support a wide array of NFT sales. You can sell your in-game items, art, videos, music, or image NFTs here effortlessly. Streamlined marketplaces have responsive and intuitive NFT minting platforms. 

The augmented NFT marketplace is exclusive, supporting narrow NFT niches. They include Axie Infinity, NBA Top Shot and Crypto Punks.



As per DappRadar data, OpenSea has the highest NFT traders of all marketplaces. It has close to 600K traders and facilitates about 4 billion worth of NFT trades each month. OpenSea is also the largest and the most established peer to peer marketplace. 

You can access OpenSea features via a MetaMask wallet and mint NFTs via the "Create" tab. Alternatively, browse through its massive NFT collections and place an offer.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace



Rarible is one of the Ethereum network's busiest marketplaces. It has a wide variety of collectibles and digital art NFTs. Over 92,000 traders have used the Rarible marketplace. It has the sixth-highest all time trading volume of $277 million.

Rarible NFT Marketplace



SuperRare is also an Ethereum blockchain platform. It supports "social collecting", connecting artists and collectors who have a shared passion for NFTs. SuperRare has the tenth highest all time trading volume of all marketplaces. 

SuperRare NFT Marketplace


Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity is the second-largest NFT marketplace as per market trading volumes. It has sold Axies worth close to $4 billion since inception. This NFT marketplace is powered by the blockchain video game Axie Infinity. It exclusively trades Axies, the game's Pokémon-like pets.

Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace



The CryptoPunks/Larva Labs NFT marketplace deals in CryptoPunks only. CryptoPunks are a 10,000 large selection of pixel art characters issued out freely by LarvaLabs in 2017. The cheapest Punk now costs 69 ETH, while the 3100 Punk sold for a whopping $7.58 million.  

CryptoPunks are sold out, but you can bid on them on the CryptoPunks marketplace. To place a bid, navigate to the Larvalabs site, select a Punk of your choice (red background if on sale) and bid on it. All you need to facilitate payment is your MetaMask or Ethereum compatible wallet.


NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace is the fourth largest by trading volumes. It was created by Dapper Labs and is fourth after OpenSea, Axie and Crypto Punks. Dapper Labs is a Canadian blockchain product design business that focuses on games, collectibles and fun products. 

The NBA Top Shot facilitates the trade of NBA video highlight clips, a form of digital card collectibles. It is so easy to use that you can access it via your Google account. Navigate to NBA Top Shot and link your account to Dapper.

Authenticate your marketplace account via SMS and then complete the account setup procedure. Afterwards, select your team, and join a virtual queue to receive info on new packs. Then, use your crypto wallet balance, credit card or Dapper account balance to purchase your NBA Top Shot NFT.

NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace
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Feb 23, 2022

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