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Can I buy Bitcoin with Tesco Bank?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin with Tesco Bank. To do so, you'll need to first create an account at a Cryptocurrency exchange and then link it to your Tesco account. Once your wallet is set up, you can buy Bitcoin by transferring funds from your Tesco account to your exchange account.

How to buy Crypto with Tesco Online Banking

The best way to buy Bitcoin and Crypto with a Tesco Online Banking account is through the eToro trading platform. They offer fast fiat deposits for GBP, EUR, AUD and USD currencies, and completely free trading fees.

If you want to buy Bitcoin with a Tesco online banking account on eToro, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an eToro account
  2. Verify your personal or company identity
  3. Connect your Tesco Online Banking account and deposit fiat
  4. Find Bitcoin in the 'Discovery' menu
  5. Input the amount you want to buy and select 'Trade'
Buying Bitcoin with Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Tesco Bank takes a progressive stance toward cryptocurrency and the broader digital asset ecosystem. They freely allow their customers to deposit and withdraw from licensed cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Tesco customers are not at risk of having their funds frozen if they buy Bitcoin or Crypto through their bank accounts.

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Mar 23, 2022
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