Summary: DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game that combines elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). It is built on a DeFi protocol and offers opportunities for liquidity pools, DEX trading, and rare, utility-driven NFTs that enhance the game experience. The game is currently available on the Klaytn and DFK Chain blockchains, and the team has plans to expand to other blockchains in the future.

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What Realms are Available for DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain game that is designed to have multiple realms, each with its own unique flavor and opportunities for players. Currently, the game has two realms: Serendale 2.0 and Crystalvale.

Serencale 2.0 is on the Klaytn blockchain and features its own new token called 'JADE' as well as additional hero classes, along with an updated flavor to match its new home.

Crystalvale is the second realm in DeFi Kingdoms and was launched on the DFK Chain (an Avalanche subnet) on March 30, 2022. Crystalvale introduced a new Power Token called 'Crytal' and new hero classes, along with a new world to explore.

Serendale Map on DeFi Kingdoms
Serendale Map on DeFi Kingdoms.

What are Power Tokens in DeFi Kingdoms?

In DeFi Kingdoms, Power Tokens are tokens that are used for all game transactions, such as purchasing Hero and Pet NFTs, summoning new Heroes and hatching Pets, leveling Heroes, and more. Each realm in DeFi Kingdoms has its own dedicated Power Token, which can be swapped in the DEX for other tokens and in-game items and pooled for liquidity. The Power Token in Crystalvale is CRYSTAL, and the Power Token in Serendale on Klaytn is JADE.

Players can earn both the ecosystem token, JEWEL, and the realm-specific Power Tokens through gameplay in DeFi Kingdoms. The Power Tokens are emitted by the Gardens in each realm, and the fees from every in-game transaction are apportioned to the respective wallets for each realm, with a portion of the fees allocated for token burn, quest rewards fund, Jeweler Rewards/fee distribution, and development fund.

What is JEWEL?

JEWEL is the Ecosystem Token that is used across all realms, providing utility above and beyond that of a regular coin. JEWEL is used for governance rights, fee distribution opportunities, and in-game power-ups. It is also used as the native gas token on Harmony and for gameplay transactions for Crystalvale.

Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms

In DeFi Kingdoms, Heroes are utility-based NFTs with a variety of uses. Heroes are capable of engaging in Profession Quests to earn JEWEL and in-game resources, and they can also participate in further Quests to gain loot and experience.

Heroes can be paired to Summon more Heroes, whose classes, stats, and rarity are partially determined by the two Heroes used to infuse the Summoning Crystal. The NFT Agent in the Tavern can assist with buying and selling Heroes and renting them out for use in the Summoning Portal.

The capabilities of all Heroes are governed by the same set of stats, including Hit Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), Stamina, Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Agility (AGI), Vitality (VIT), Endurance (END), Intelligence (INT), Wisdom (WIS), and Luck (LCK). These stats are determined by the Hero's class, stat bonus genes, rarity, and bonuses applied during the summoning process.

Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms
Shopping for Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms.

DeFi Kingdoms Pets

In DeFi Kingdoms, Pets are an NFT that can be hatched from pet eggs, which Heroes can sometimes find on their quests. These pets can accompany Heroes on their adventures and provide various bonuses.

To hatch a pet, players must bring their eggs to the Hatchery and pay a cost in time, in-game resources, and JEWEL. There are three different price options available, each with a decreased incubation time and better chances of getting shiny and higher rarity pets. The costs for hatching an egg are egg-type dependent, and there are different material requirements for each type of egg.

What is Questing?

In DeFi Kingdoms, Quests are a major part of gameplay for Heroes. Quests are divided into two categories: Profession Quests and Training Quests. Profession Quests are non-combat oriented quests that allow Heroes to learn and excel at different skills to benefit the kingdom, while Adventure Quests involve going to a remote location with a team of heroes to fight evil and collect spoils.

Four different professions are available to Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms: Gardening, Mining (both Gold Mining and JEWEL mining), Fishing, and Foraging. Each profession has a profession skill associated with it, which has a chance to increase each time a Hero completes an associated profession quest. As these skills increase, so too will the Hero's ability to earn rewards from that profession.

Final Thoughts

eFi Kingdoms is an exciting cross-chain game that combines elements of DeFi and MMORPGs. With its two realms, Serendale 2.0 and Crystalvale, players can enjoy unique opportunities and game experiences. Power Tokens, including the ecosystem token JEWEL, add value and utility to gameplay, while Heroes and Pets provide different ways to explore the game's world and earn rewards.

Questing is a crucial component of gameplay, allowing players to learn valuable skills and gain experience. With so many options available, DeFi Kingdoms offers endless possibilities for players to enjoy. If you have more questions or want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the DeFi Kingdoms Discord.