DeFi Kingdoms Review

DeFi Kingdoms Review

Karen Tren
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Oct 31, 2022

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a dapp on the Harmony ONE blockchain that allows users to buy and sell heroes as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Heroes can be used in battle to earn rewards, or they can be sold for profit. DeFi Kingdoms also has a Jewel Token (JEWEL) that can be earned by playing the game or purchased on the Harmony or AVAX blockchain.

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first dapps on the Harmony blockchain, and it is quickly gaining popularity. The prices of DeFi Kingdoms heroes have been rising steadily since the launch of their gaming dapp, and there is a lot of interest in the Jewel Token due to its rapid price appreciation.

DeFi Kingdoms Review

The DeFi Kingdoms application on the Harmony One blockchain.

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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

DeFi Kingdoms Moving to Avalanche AVAX

One of the biggest problems facing DeFi Kingdoms has been scalability due to the poor performance of the Harmony blockchain. To solve this, DeFi Kingdoms has decided to expand to the Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain to expand their multi-chain world in a new land called 'Crystalvale'.

DeFi Kingdoms is touted to be deploying their application as an Avalanche Subnet, which would ultimately make them their own Layer-1. This is regarded to be the best and easiest way to scale a GameFi game.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Prices

The price of DeFi Kingdoms Heroes has shot up from ten's of dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars in the last six months. If you are looking to buy a DeFi Kingdom Hero, you will be looking at paying at least 30 JEWEL for one with good attributes and skills.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Marketplace
DeFi Kingdoms Hero Marketplace

What is a Blue Egg in DeFi Kingdoms?

Blue Eggs are rare items you can find when questing your DFK Hero with fishing. On occasion, your Hero will pull a Blue Egg from their fishing quest that will enable you to level up your Heroes skill once consumed.

The Blue Egg is incredibly rare and has a percentage pull rate of 0.01% per quest.

How to Summon Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms

You will need to have two Heroes in DeFi Kingdom to be able to summon a new one. Once you have acquired two Heroes, you must visit the Arch Druid on the World Map to infuse a Summoning Crystal.

You can earn Summoning Crystals through quests like Mining, Fishing or Gardening where you can earn something called Gaia's Tears. When you collect 10 Gaia's Tears, you will then be able to swap it for 1 Summoning Crystal.

Once you have collected a Summoning Crystal, the Arch Druid will allow you to summon a DFK Hero.

Summon Hero Arch Druid on DeFi Kingdoms
Arch Druid on the DeFi Kingdoms map

How to make Money with DeFi Kingdoms

If you are looking to earn a passive income from DeFi Kingdoms, you will need to build a squad of 5 heroes which can cost up to $1,000USD. With these 5 heroes, you can send them on passive quests that earn rewards and give them experience points.

With the rewards (like Gold, JEWEL, Gaia's Tears etc) you can either use them in-game or sell them for tokens. You can also level up your hero and resell them on the marketplace for a profit once you have gained enough experience.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewel Price

The price of DeFi Kingdom's native token Jewel has increased by orders of magnitude in the last year. The chart below is the current price of JEWEL in US Dollars.

Final Thoughts

DeFi Kingdoms is arguably the most popular GameFi dapp within the Crypto and Crypto Twitter communities. It is a game that came to popularity very organically and has subsequently built a very strong community, and enriched their early users.

If you are wanting to get into GameFi, we recommend that DeFi Kingdoms is a game that you must play. The mechanics and tokenomics are some of the most well-designed in Crypto and are necessary to understand if you want to research further into the niche.

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