How to Bridge to EthereumPOW (ETHW)

How to Bridge to EthereumPOW (ETHW)

In this guide, we outline the best way to securely bridge to the EthereumPOW (ETHW) mainnet from an Ethereum or MetaMask wallet.

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ChangeNOW ETHW Bridge

Platform Highlights

  • Only non-custodial method to bridge ETH to EthereumPOW.
  • Relatively high bridging fees at 0.5% per transaction + 0.5% slippage.
  • ChangeNOW is secure and trusted with over $2 Billion in transactions.
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

How to Bridge to ETH POW Mainnet

The only way to bridge to the EthereumPOW network is through a non-custodial swap service called ChangeNOW. Popular bridges like Synapse, Stargate Finance and AnySwap do not currently support ETH POW because they believe the network is too young and there may be risks for users.

If you want to bridge to ETH POW, follow this simple guide:

  1. Visit https://changenow.io/.
  2. Select the 'NOW Product' tab in the navigation menu, then the 'Token Swap' button.
  3. Select the amount of Ethereum you want to bridge to ETHW and the recipient address.
  4. Connect your MetaMask Wallet and confirm the transaction. Be sure to test this with a small amount before executing your full transaction.
Bridging 4 ETH to ETHW via ChangeNOW.

EthereumPOW Bridging Fees

The fees to bridge Ethereum to EthereumPOW through ChangeNOW is around 1% when you include slippage for ETH to ETHW tokens and the based transaction fee. This is relatively expensive compared to traditional bridges, however, there are no other options available to move your tokens to the network.

What is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is a popular non-custodial swap service that supports over 200 cryptocurrencies and 10,000 pairs. The platform is known for its simple user interface and competitive rates with a flat fee of 0.5% for all swaps.

ChangeNOW has been in operation since 2017 and has processed over $2 billion in swaps. The platform is one of the most popular non-custodial swap services available and is considered to be safe and reliable. However, as with any cryptocurrency service, you should always exercise caution and do your own research before using ChangeNOW or any other platform.

Final Thoughts

Bridging to the EthereumPOW (ETHW) mainnet is currently only possible through a non-custodial swap service called ChangeNOW. Although the fees for bridging Ethereum to ETHW are relatively high, this is the only option available at present and it's considered to be safe and reliable. If you're looking to bridge Ethereum to ETHW, follow the instructions outlined in this guide and exercise caution when dealing with any cryptocurrency service.

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