This Harmony One (ONE) staking calculator is designed to help network validators and stakers work out their rewards. The current reward rate is 8.25% APY.

Where to Stake Harmony One?

The easiest way to stake to earn interest on Harmony One tokens is through an automated money-market like Tranquil Finance. This platform offers a 10% APY to deposit Harmony ONE on their lending platform.

This is 2% higher than you will get to stake as a validator for the Harmony One network. Also, you can borrow stable coins on Tranquil Finance against your staked Harmony to compound your yields.

10.01% APY to deposit ONE via Tranquil Finance

Is Harmony ONE staking safe?

Platforms like Tranquil Finance are audited by smart-contract platform analysts and are ultimately safe to earn interest on Harmony ONE tokens.

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