This Saitama Inu Staking Calculator is designer to help you work out your yield farming rewards for providing SAITAMA liquidity.

Where to Stake Saitama Inu?

The only two ways you can stake Saitama Inu tokens is by providing liquidity to Uniswap (V3) or SushiSwap. In order to provide liquidity, you need to 'add' ETH and SAITAMA tokens equally weighted to a DEX trading pool.

When you provide liquidity, you earn rewards every time someone trades using that pair on a specific DEX. SAITAMA stakers are currently earning up to 50% APY on platforms like UniSwap.

Staking SAITAMA on Uniswap
Adding liquidity to ETH/SAITAMA and charging 0.3% fees on Uniswap (V3).

Is SAITAMA staking safe?

Staking Saitama Inu tokens with trusted DEX's like Uniswap is the safest way to earn yields in Crypto. Uniswap is the largest and most well-audited exchange in the world that has suffered no critical bugs.

Read our guide on buying Saitama tokens safely to get started.

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