Ziliqa ZIL Staking Calculator

Ziliqa ZIL Staking Calculator

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Ziliqa is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that pays out staking rewards to validators that stake ZIL tokens to secure the network. Their platform currently has over 2,400 nodes securing the network and 31% of the total supply staked.

Where do ZIL Staking Rewards come from?

ZIL staking rewards come from protocol issuance. The Ziliqa network was coded to pay out rewards to stakers that help secure the network. The current average APR% for ZIL stakers is 14.87% according to their dashboard.

This means the year on year inflation rate of Ziliqa is approximately 15%.

Best Place to Stake Ziliqa (ZIL)

The best international exchange to stake Ziliqa tokens is with Binance. They currently offer over 20% APY to stake Ziliqa if you are willing to lock the tokens for 30 days.

Binance Locked Staking - 22.79% for ZIL

For Australians, we recommend CoinSpot Staking to get started. They offer the easiest user experience and highest yields compared to other local exchanges.

Ziliqa Staking Calculator

This Ziliqa staking calculator helps you calculate your rewards from depositing tokens onto platforms like Binance or CoinSpot. The calculator is designed to assume that you will compound your stake at least one time per year.


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