This Binance BNB Staking Calculator is designed to help users work out their DeFi rewards and yields from depositing BNB tokens into protocols.

BNB Staking Calculator

BNB has become one of the most popular assets to stake thanks to their high yields on platforms like Binance exchange or PancakeSwap. Our Binance staking calculator will help you determine your rewards based on the APY% received from any protocol.

Where do BNB Staking Rewards come from?

BNB staking rewards are provided by the protocol to help secure the network. BNB must pay out network validators to make sure that all of the transactions on the network are valid with respect to the previous blocks.

This is called Proof-of-Stake and it is why tokens like BNB are generally inflationary. This block reward is in excess of 10% - which means you should be earning at least 10% APY on BNB coins to outpace the network inflation.

Is BNB Staking safe?

Yes BNB staking is safe on trusted centralized platforms like Binance. We recommend avoiding using DeFi protocols like PancakeSwap or Trader Joe because they may have smart-contract bugs that are vulnerable to hacks.

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