Cronos staking enables CRO token holders to participate in network validation to earn rewards. The staking process is simple and can be achieved with a few clicks via the platform.

CRO Staking Rewards Calculator

The calculator below is designed for CRO staking rewards to help you determine how much you will earn to stake your coins. Our calculator will display the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rewards to stake Cronos tokens.

Where can I stake Cronos (CRO)?

The best and safest place to stake CRO tokens is directly through the website. You can currently receive 10% APY paid out every day to stake CRO, which means you would earn $1,000 per year on a $10,000 (if you don't compound).

Please note that our CRO Staking Calculator is a slightly higher number because it assumes you will compound at least once per year.

Where do CRO Staking Rewards come from?

Proof of Stake networks like Cronos, BNB Chain, or Avalanche all have inflationary designs to help incentivize participants to secure the network. This means that the protocol mints new tokens every day to reward stakers for validating transactions on the network.

While high inflation is great for stakers, it does mean your shares get diluted over-time. This could result in a loss of value relative to more deflationary coins like Bitcoin.

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