Verasity (VRA) is a layer one blockchain that is designed to be the base-layer for eSports applications. VRA holders can stake their coins to earn rewards by validating and securing the network.

VRA Staking Calculator

The calculator below is a VRA staking calculator that is designed to help you work out your farming rewards. Many users stake VRA tokens on platforms like CoinSpot or Binance to earn up to 19% APY paid out daily.

Where do VRA Staking Rewards come from?

Verasity (VRA) staking rewards are a core part of the protocol design to help incentivise network validators. These rewards are paid out to investors and participants to lock up their tokens on a proof-of-stake network to help validate transactions on the blockchain.

This is a common design and can be found on other major POS networks like Fantom, Avalanche or Solana. The minimum payout for a validator staking VRA is 18.25% APY.

Best Place to Stake VRA

The best way to stake Verasity (VRA) is through a centralized exchange. For global investors, we recommend Binance. For Aussie investors, we recommend CoinSpot.

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