Avalanche staking is a method of earning rewards for participating in the Avalanche blockchain network.

To stake avalanche, you simply need to set up a staking wallet and deposit your desired amount of coins into it to earn interest.

Avalanche AVAX Staking Calculator

Our calculator below is designed for Avalanche Staking to help you determine your yields from staking AVAX on the network. Our calculator is designed to assume that you will compound your staking returns at least once per year, which provides a slightly higher APY.

Where to Stake AVAX?

There are many different places where you can stake avalanche, such as online exchanges and dedicated staking services. However, the best place to stake avalanche is on your own device, using a secure wallet app that gives you full control over your coins.

Some of the benefits of Avalanche staking include earning regular rewards based on network activity and having input on future changes to the Avalanche protocol. Overall, staking is a great way to support the Avalanche network and earn some extra income.

Best AVAX Staking Yields

The best yields to stake Avalanche (AVAX) tokens are on AAVE v3. They offer up to 8% APY paid out in Avalanche tokens to deposit your funds into their money market. AAVE is also the safest DeFi Lending protocol on Avalanche.

If you are interested in stablecoin yields, read our dedicated AVAX stablecoin yield guide.

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