Wonderland TIME Staking Rewards Calculator

Wonderland TIME Staking Rewards Calculator

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The Wonderland DAO (TIME) is a fork of OlympusDAO that was designed to be the reserve currency for the Avalanche ecosystem.

To incentivize capital, the protocol paid staking rewards of up to 10,000% APY to users who bonded tokens. This staking calculator is designed to help you calculate your future income from these yields.

Where can I stake Wonderland (TIME) or (MEMO)

The WonderlandDAO stopped minting new tokens after a controversial opinion in early 2022. Since then, they have pivoted to being an investment DAO that gives token holders rights to the assets the DAO owns.

This means that the only way to stake Wonderland is by providing liquidity to a token pair on Trader JOE like TIME/AVAX. This is currently paying out over 200% APR.

AVAX/TIME LP pair on Trader Joe DEX.

Is Wonderland Money (TIME) Safe?

The Wonderland Money DAO has been plagued by controversy since their launch. Recently, their CFO 0xSifu was found to be an ex-convicted felon charged with fraud and was the man behind the Quadriga exchange scandal.

Investing in anything associated with this team is highly risky, so please be cautious.

Wonderland Discord Server

For more information about Wonderland (TIME) and the DAOs ongoing developments, join the verified Wonderland Discord Server.

Wonderland Time Staking Calculator

This staking calculator is designed to help you calculate your future income from Wonderland staking rewards. The calculator assumes that you are bonding and restaking your rewards that are paid out every 8 hours.


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