Summary: Rarity Sniper is the leading NFT rarity tool for collectors, tracking thousands of collections across multiple blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. Besides its primary feature of monitoring rarity, it alerts users about rare NFT sales and new NFT drops, offers a news portal for market updates, checks NFT prices and liquidity, and tracks personal collection value. This all-in-one tool is easily accessible by connecting your MetaMask or Web 3 wallet. For any collector seeking an advantage in the NFT market, Rarity Sniper is a must-try tool.

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What is Rarity Sniper?

Rarity Sniper is a premier NFT rarity tool that empowers you to analyze the rarity of an array of collections across Ethereum and various other blockchains. Designed to enable collectors to make astute decisions on NFT purchases, it weighs price against rarity, identifying unique yet undervalued NFTs for potential investment or profitable flipping.

Rarity Sniper
The #1 Analytics Tool for NFTs.

What Assets Does Rarity Sniper Track?

What Assets Does Rarity Sniper Track?Currently, Rarity Sniper monitors NFT collections across 19 different blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cronos, Binance, Arbitrum, Elrond, Avalanche, Cardano, and more. A full list can be found on their website.

In terms of NFT collections, Rarity Sniper tracks around 2,000 distinct collections listed on popular platforms like OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Joepegs. Collections are organized by rarity from most (Rank 1) to least rare within the collection. For example, see the Azuki NFT below.

Rarity Sniper Azuki
Track the rarity of NFTs.

What Additional Features Does Rarity Sniper Offer?

Beyond tracking NFT rarity, Rarity Sniper is also equipped to:

  • Alert you when a rare NFT is listed for sale
  • Provide alerts for new NFT drops and news
  • Offer an NFT news portal for market updates
  • Check prices and liquidity of NFTs
  • Track the value of your personal NFT collection
  • And much more

How do I get started with Rarity Sniper?

Embarking on your Rarity Sniper journey is straightforward. Simply navigate to their website and connect your MetaMask or Web 3 wallet. With that completed, you can access all of their features and begin monitoring the rarity of your favorite NFTs.

Conclusively, this comprehensive review provides a detailed look at Rarity Sniper, the go-to tool for making informed NFT purchasing decisions.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Rarity Sniper is the top-tier NFT rarity tool for collectors, tracking a multitude of collections across 19 blockchains. It is an indispensable resource for making informed NFT purchasing decisions, and with features like alerts and a news portal, it is your one-stop solution for staying informed about the latest NFT releases and market trends. For collectors seeking a competitive edge in the market, Rarity Sniper is unquestionably worth exploring.