Summary: Fulton Bank offers customers a gateway to cryptocurrency investing through digital asset exchanges. While Fulton Bank doesn't directly handle crypto trading through its services, it allows clients to use FinCEN-approved trading platforms that accept U.S. Dollar deposits. Once your funds are on an exchange, you can swap them directly for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Following a detailed examination of the leading US exchanges, we found Kraken to be the best choice for Fulton Bank customers. It offers a comprehensive range of over 200 cryptocurrencies for trading and staking purposes. Based in the United States and operating under the jurisdiction of U.S. financial regulators, it supports free USD deposits through various methods, including direct transfers from Fulton Bank accounts and credit/debit cards.

Best Crypto Exchange for Fulton Bank Customers
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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Fulton Bank?

Yes, if you're a Fulton Bank customer, you can buy Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. You can accomplish this by using a trustworthy digital asset exchange in the U.S. that complies with regulations set forth by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and other relevant authorities. You can effortlessly transfer your U.S. Dollars from your bank account or utilize your Fulton Bank debit or credit cards to buy and sell hundreds of digital currencies.

How to Buy Crypto with Fulton Bank

The most secure method for Fulton Bank customers interested in entering the crypto market is by using a regulated digital asset exchange. We recommend Kraken as it’s regulated by the FinCEN in the United States and allows users to buy, trade, and hold a diverse range of over 200 cryptocurrencies at competitive prices. Kraken offers an efficient and cost-effective way to deposit USD directly from your Fulton Bank account via ACH and wire transfers, plus debit and credit cards.

American investors can begin trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies with Fulton Bank by following these easy steps:

  1. Create an Account: Your first move is to register for an account on Kraken. Complete the necessary identity verification steps applicable to both individual and business accounts.
  2. Choose Your Currency: Once you're logged in, navigate to the deposit section and select your preferred currency, such as USD.
  3. Fund Your Account: Choose your desired payment method, such as an ACH transfer, wire transfer, or credit card, and finalize the deposit from your Fulton Bank account.
  4. Purchase Cryptocurrency: The final step is to pick the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire. Confirm your selection to complete the transaction.
How to Buy Crypto with Fulton Bank.
How to Buy Crypto with Fulton Bank.

Fulton Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Fulton Bank maintains a progressive perspective on cryptocurrencies, carefully blending financial innovation with judicious oversight. It allows customers to explore the realm of digital assets through reputable platforms like Kraken, which is fully compliant with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN, operating under Payward Ventures, Inc. with MSB Registration No. 31000239561651.

Through this policy, Fulton Bank aims to enlighten customers about the inherent risks and rewards in traditional banking systems while simultaneously offering avenues to diversify their financial portfolios with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This balanced approach shows the bank's unwavering commitment to advancing financial innovation in a responsible and secure manner.

What is Fulton Bank?

Fulton Bank is a subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation, headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With over $27 billion in assets, the bank operates approximately 200 financial centers across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia. Fulton Bank offers a wide range of financial services, including consumer and commercial lending, investment advising, and mortgage services. 

The bank has also shown a commitment to growth and diversification. A recent significant development was the merger with Prudential Bank in November 2022, which expanded its product offerings and integrated Prudential Bank's systems onto Fulton Bank's existing platforms. This move signifies Fulton Bank's dedication to providing a full suite of high-quality financial products and services to its customer base.

Fulton Bank: Home Page.
Fulton Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

To recap, Fulton Bank is a progressive financial institution that has successfully bridged the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency. By allowing its customers to engage with FinCEN-approved exchanges like Kraken, the bank has opened up a secure and regulated avenue for investing in over 200 cryptocurrencies. Kraken's compliance with U.S. financial regulations and its diverse range of digital assets make it an ideal choice for Fulton Bank customers looking to diversify their financial portfolios.