Summary: is a cryptocurrency exchange with a significant global footprint in the digital asset world. This platform is distinguished by its widespread presence in over 190 countries, catering to the varied requirements of a broad user base. Its influence spans multiple legal jurisdictions, highlighting its global allure and ease of access. upholds stringent security measures, including KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for traders worldwide.

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What Countries Does Support? has amassed over 14 million registered users in 190 countries, the platform prides itself on its adaptability and responsiveness to different trading preferences. This extensive international presence underscores its dedication to offering accessible and varied cryptocurrency trading options to its global audience.

Which Countries Are Blocked by functions within a multifaceted global regulatory landscape, where each nation's distinct legal and regulatory conditions influence the availability of its services. Committed to adhering to international compliance norms, encounters constraints in regions lacking regulatory clearance or where local legislations diverge from its operating principles. Presently, restricts services its services in the following jurisdictions:

  • Asia: Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & North Korea.
  • Americas: United States of America, Canada & Cuba. 
  • Europe: France, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Crimea Region, Spain, Luhansk, Donetsk, Netherlands, Bolivia & UK.
  • Middle East: Iran & Syria.
  • Africa: Sudan. Exchange. Exchange. Supported Languages and Currencies prioritizes user accessibility and seamless interaction, targeting a wide-ranging international audience. The exchange offers a multilingual interface, including languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, German, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Polish and Russian, to accommodate its diverse user community globally.

Additionally, it facilitates transactions in multiple fiat currencies. This enables users to fund their accounts using popular currencies like USD, EUR, and JPY. This functionality streamlines the trading process, offering users the ease of converting these fiat currencies into a range of cryptocurrencies or utilizing them for's varied trading services.

Where is Regulated? is a cryptocurrency exchange that integrates Know Your Customer procedures, aligning with the standard requirements that necessitate user identity verification. This adherence to KYC norms signifies its commitment to regulatory compliance, including stringent identity verification and anti-money laundering protocols as prescribed by financial regulatory authorities. In saying that, is not currently regulated in any jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, is a significant entity in the digital asset sphere, bridging global accessibility with robust security protocols. Its presence in over 190 countries, coupled with a commitment to KYC standards, demonstrates its dedication to providing a secure, compliant trading environment. While navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensures a versatile and user-friendly experience, offering services in various languages and supporting multiple fiat currencies.