Summary: GLS Bank offers its customers a unique opportunity to engage in the cryptocurrency market through collaborations with authorized digital asset exchanges. Clients can transfer funds seamlessly from their accounts to these platforms, facilitating trading in a manner that aligns with its commitment to sustainable and responsible finance. This approach is also consistent with the standards of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Our experts specifically recommend Bitpanda as the preferred exchange for GLS Bank customers. What distinguishes this platform is its compliance with regulations and free EUR deposits. Additionally, it provides access to an extensive range of over 3,000 digital assets at lower fees than its competitors. As a bonus, its users enjoy unique trading tools and features, like Bitpanda Spotlight, unveiling new and fast-moving crypto projects.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with GLS Bank?

Yes, while GLS Bank does not directly enable digital asset transactions, it acts as a bridge, connecting its customers with trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges in Germany. This way, its clients can actively participate in the market and buy Bitcoin, among other available options. Choosing platforms that comply with BaFin standards is essential for ensuring a secure and efficient investment process, reflecting the bank’s commitment to responsible practices.

How to Buy Crypto with GLS Bank

The best way for GLS Bank users to enter the crypto market is by using digital currency exchanges approved by BaFin. Bitpanda is popular for its adherence to financial regulations and best-in-class security, and therefore our top choice. The platform offers a diverse range of digital assets, including coins, commodities, ETFs, stocks, and precious metals. Additionally, it supports various payment methods, like SEPA transfers, Mastercard, Visa, and Sofort.

Here's our guide for beginners in digital asset trading:

  1. Account Registration: Sign up on Bitpanda and complete the identity verification.
  2. Currency Selection: In the ‘Deposit Funds’ section, initiate a Euro transfer from your GLS Bank account.
  3. Funding Your Balance: Choose a deposit method that suits you and specify the amount in Euros.
  4. Finalizing Your Investment: Browse the platform, select the cryptocurrency you wish to invest in and conclude the transaction.
Buy crypto with GLS Bank via Bitpanda.
Buy crypto with GLS Bank via Bitpanda.

GLS Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

GLS Bank embraces the digital asset market by partnering with cryptocurrency exchanges that adhere to Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) standards. This strategy ensures a secure and ethical trading environment for its clients. In our assessment, Bitpanda took the lead as a BaFin-compliant platform for these transactions. Its corporate base at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 36, 60325 Frankfurt a.M., Germany, and it is regulated according to BaFin guidelines.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

For individuals exploring the possibility of incorporating digital assets into their investment strategy, it's critical to have a clear understanding of the various commissions associated with trading. Recognizing these expenses is key to managing your portfolio efficiently and enhancing overall returns. Here's a breakdown of typical fees you're likely to face:

  • Deposit Fees: The cost of adding money to your exchange account can vary depending on the chosen payment method. Generally, SEPA transfers tend to offer a cheaper solution than alternatives like credit or debit card transactions.
  • Trading Fees: The commissions for buying or selling cryptocurrencies differ across exchanges. Bitpanda, for example, is known for its reasonable rates, typically charging around 0.1% per transaction.
  • Withdrawal Fees: The cost of taking out digital currencies from your account depends on the specific type of asset. For instance, a typical withdrawal charge for Bitcoin is about 0.0005 BTC, but this can vary for other tokens.

For GLS Bank clients interested in this market, Bitpanda is the top choice for its free EUR deposits and low trading fees. It provides a broad selection of more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, and precious metals.

What is GLS Bank?

GLS Bank, or Gemeinschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken, is a German entity that was founded in 1974. As the first social and ecological bank in the world, it is committed to sustainable development and social responsibility. GLS Bank offers a comprehensive range of services, including current and savings accounts, loans, and investment products.

Its unique approach allows customers to see exactly where their money is invested. This transparency extends to their investment in renewable energy, organic farming, education, and healthcare projects. With its focus on ethical financing and community-based initiatives, the bank has become a leader in sustainable banking practices, attracting clients who value environmental stewardship and social equity.

GLS Bank: Home Page.
GLS Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

In summary, GLS Bank provides its clients with a direct and responsible pathway to invest in various tokens by forming strategic alliances with certified digital asset exchanges. Bitpanda is the preferred platform for German users, offering access to a broad spectrum of over 3,000 digital assets at competitive fees. Moreover, it enriches the investment experience with exclusive features like proof-of-reserves, DCA investing strategies, crypto debit cards, and comprehensive customer support in multiple languages.