How to Bridge AVAX to Arbitrum

How to Bridge AVAX to Arbitrum

Andrew Chen
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Sep 17, 2022

For users looking to bridge from Avalanche (AVAX) to the Arbitrum Layer 2 network, you have found the right guide.

Find the safest and cheapest cross-chain DEX to move your tokens to Arbitrum from the Avalanche C Chain in minutes.

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Best AVAX to Arbitrum Bridge

Platform Highlights

  • Fastest and most trusted Avalanche to Arbitrum cross-chain DEX.
  • Lowest fees and slippage for cross-chain swaps (WETH, USDT & USDC).
  • Synapse Arbitrum bridge has the most trading volume in DeFi.

How to bridge from Avalanche to Arbitrum

The fastest way to bridge your tokens from AVAX to Arbitrum One is through a trusted interoperability protocol like Synapse. These platforms let you seamlessly bridge ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI and other tokens from Avalanche to Layer 2's like Arbitrum for low fees and essentially no slippage.

You can follow this step-by-step guide to get started.

  1. Visit the Synapse Bridge
  2. Select Arbitrum as your destination network and AVAX as your current network
  3. Input the token (ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD) you want to send and the amount
  4. Approve and confirm the transaction on Metamask
  5. Your tokens will arrive on Arbitrum in under 2 minutes.
Avalanche to Arbitrum
Bridge WETH.e between AVAX and Arbitrum.

Arbitrum vs Avalanche

Arbitrum and Avalanche are two fundamentally different protocols because Avalanche (AVAX) is a Layer 1 network, with its own consensus mechanism.

Arbitrum on the other hand is a Layer 2 that is built on top of the Ethereum network. This means it does not have its own validators to secure the network, it borrows its security from the Ethereum Layer 1 and buys its own block space. You can compare the TVL of Arbitrum vs Avalanche on DefiLlama.

Bridging fees from AVAX to Arbitrum

Bridging to Arbitrum from AVAX is incredibly cheap thanks to the Avalanche C Chain network's low transaction fees. You will find that bridging will cost up to $2 from one network to the other even in times of high network congestion.

Synapse also makes the process cheap thanks to being the leading interoperability DEX with no slippage thanks to their liquidity AMM model.

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