Bridge from Polygon Mainnet to Aurora Near Protocol

Bridge from Polygon Mainnet to Aurora Near Protocol

Adrian Graham
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Aug 2, 2022

Summary: In this walkthrough, we guide you step-by-step on how to bridge between Polygon (MATIC) and Aurora Near Protocol.

Get started today with low fees and no slippage on price when you bridge SYN on Synapse, the worlds best bridging protocol.

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Can I bridge from Polygon MATIC to Aurora Protocol?

Yes and it is now easier than ever to complete the bridging process with Synapse, the best multi-chain bridging protocol available. They are currently number one in terms of Total Bridge Volume and diversification in networks. As shown in the photo below, you can see Synapse currently supports bridging between 15 different blockchains. 

Synapse Bridging Analytics

How to Bridge from Polygon to Aurora on NEAR Protocol

The best way to bridge from Polygon to Aurora Near is via Synapse. Connect your Web3 Wallet (Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet & Binance Smart Chain Wallet) to Synapse and bridge with two easy-to-follow steps. 

In the example below we will use USDC as the bridging token but Synapse also supports SYN, USDT & DAI. 

Follow the below steps to begin the Polygon to Aurora Near bridging process.

  1. Visit Synapse and connect your Metamask or Web3 Wallet
  2. Select Polygon and Aurora as the two networks
  3. Input the amount of USDC (or any token) you want to bridge
  4. Confirm the transaction and your funds will arrive within a minute
Bridging USDC from Polygon to Aurora Near

Bridging Fees: Polygon to Aurora Near 

As Polygon is one of the most cost-effective chains to transact on, it will cost near-to-nothing to bridge from their Mainnet to the Aurora Near Protocol. The entire transaction will cost around $5USD if you are sending USDC as Synapse offers 0% slippage for this token. 

Why should I use Synapse for bridging?

The first and most important reason is speed, Synapse has the quickest bridging turnaround time out of any bridging protocol, completing the process in just 1 minute. Most DEXs or bridging protocols take around 10 - 30 minutes which is considered long in crypto.

The second reason is fees, Synapse has the lowest fees out of any platform charging their users from $4 - $20USD to transact on their protocol. The price varies depending on what chain you are sending and receiving from. 

Lastly, not many bridging protocols or DEXs offer 24/7 Live Customer Support, Synapse is one of the very few that can be reached at all hours of the day. If you need assistance with an issue on their platform, we recommend going through their FAQs first. If you can’t find your answer on their FAQs you can reach them on Telegram, Discord or Twitter. 

Synapse's Telegram Group
Synapse's Telegram Group - Live Support

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