Summary: Alior Bank doesn't directly support the purchase of cryptocurrencies but does facilitate the movement of funds to verified digital asset trading platforms. If you're interested in venturing into the crypto space, finding a trustworthy digital asset exchange regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) is vital for adhering to Poland’s financial laws.

Following a detailed analysis of the leading exchanges in the country, our experts determined that Bybit is the best option for Alior Bank clients. It offers free PLN deposits to buy, sell, and trade over 940 digital currencies, including Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Tether. Besides trading, Bybit also supports staking services, crypto loans (lending and borrowing assets), an NFT marketplace, a cryptocurrency debit card, and more.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Alior Bank?

Yes, Alior Bank offers a smooth process for transferring Polish Zloty to certified cryptocurrency platforms in Poland. After successfully funding your account, you can buy Bitcoin or other available digital assets. Remember, the bank doesn't directly sell cryptocurrency but enables transfers to trustworthy exchanges. We advise using one regulated by reputable bodies such as the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

How to Buy Crypto with Alior Bank

The best method for Alior Bank account holders looking to buy cryptocurrency is by using a regulated digital asset exchange. Our recommended platform, Bybit complies with European regulations and boasts a diverse selection of over 940 digital currencies. Transferring Polish Zloty is straightforward, and you can use multiple channels like direct bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, SEPA transfers, Wise, Zen, and Przelewy24.

Start investing in hundreds of cryptocurrencies through Alior Bank by following these steps:

  1. Create Account: Register on Bybit and follow the verification requirements.
  2. Pick Payment Method: Go to the ‘Buy Crypto’ tab and choose one of the available deposit options.
  3. Choose Currency: Select ‘PLN’ as your currency and find your preferred payment method.
  4. Buy Token: Pick the cryptocurrency you want to purchase and execute your trade.
How to Buy Crypto with Alior Bank.
How to Buy Crypto with Alior Bank.

Alior Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Alior Bank offers a friendly framework for customers interested in the cryptocurrency market, facilitating the transfer of PLN to digital asset exchanges that fall under the oversight of credible financial regulators like the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). Although the bank doesn't directly engage in the purchase or sale of tokens, it acts as a bridge between conventional banking and the evolving digital asset sector.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

If you're considering diving into cryptocurrency investments through Alior Bank, you must have a solid understanding of the fees involved. Let's break down the main costs on trading platforms:

  • Deposits: Exchanges typically do not impose fees for transferring Polish Zloty via bank transfers or Przelewy24. However, if you're using debit or credit cards, a transaction fee of around 2.5% might be applicable.
  • Spreads: On established exchanges, expect to see a cryptocurrency spread close to 1%. A spread refers to the difference between the buying and selling prices; a smaller spread usually means more affordable trading.
  • Withdrawals: According to our analysis, withdrawing Polish Zloty back to your Alior Bank account from a crypto exchange usually incurs a fee no greater than 50 PLN.

By utilizing Alior Bank for your cryptocurrency activities, particularly with exchanges regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), you can anticipate fast transactions, reasonable fee structures, and various payment options.

What is Alior Bank?

Alior Bank, a dynamic financial institution in Poland, has established itself as an innovative player in the banking sector. Founded in 2008, it quickly gained recognition for integrating modern technology with traditional banking, offering a comprehensive range of services catering to individual and business clients. Known for its user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms, Alior Bank places a strong emphasis on digitalization, aiming to simplify and enhance customer experience. 

It offers a variety of products, including savings and checking accounts, personal and business loans, and investment services. Alior's commitment to customer service and innovation is reflected in its growing presence in the Polish banking landscape, positioning it as a bank that combines technological advancement with reliable financial solutions.

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Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, it's key to note that while Alior Bank doesn't directly offer cryptocurrency trading, it does serve as a bridge by allowing transfers to regulated exchanges. For those in Poland, Bybit remains a compelling choice as it aligns with regulatory standards, offers a wide range of digital assets, and its interface can be used entirely in Polish. Bybit also provides zero-cost PLN deposits to trade over 940 digital currencies.