Summary: Arbitrum has quickly become the most popular Ethereum Layer 2 with over $1 billion in assets locked on DeFi and NFT applications on the network.  As a result, the demand for NFTs on Arbitrum is rapidly growing and there are now several marketplaces where users can buy and sell these digital assets.

Here are some of the best arbitrum NFT marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs:

  1. TofuNFT - Best NFT Marketplace on Arbitrum
  2. SmolSweep - Best Arbitrum NFT Aggregator
  3. OpenSea
  4. Treasure DAO Marketplace
  5. Wen Moon Market

Best NFT Marketplace on Arbitrum - TofuNFT

Platform Highlights

  • Most popular NFT Marketplace on Arbitrum by Daily Users & Volume
  • Home to most popular NFT Collections including GMX Blueberries, Odyssey NFT & more
  • Non-custodial NFT Marketplace which means you hold assets in self-custody.
Best NFT Marketplace on Arbitrum
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Table of Contents

#1 Tofu NFT Marketplace

TofuNFT is the premier NFT marketplace on Arbitrum.  It offers the widest selection of Arbitrum-native NFTs and digital collectibles including popular sets like the GMX Blueberries.  TofuNFT features a simple, user-friendly interface and a robust suite of tools to help buyers find the perfect NFTs for their collection.

Tofu NFT Marketplace - Arbitrum
Tofu NFT Marketplace - Arbitrum

#2 SmolSweep - Best Arbitrum NFT Aggregator

SmolSweep is the best NFT market aggregator on Arbitrum. It allows buyers to search and browse through thousands of tokenized assets listed on multiple platforms, including OpenSea, Treaure DAO Marketplace, Wenmoon Market and more. The platform’s advanced filtering options and intuitive design makes it easy for users to find the NFTs that fit their budget and tastes.

SmolSweep Aggregator NFT Marketplace - Arbitrum
SmolSweep Aggregator NFT Marketplace - Arbitrum

#3 OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain and one of the few to support trading on Arbitrum. The platform offers a wide selection of digital art, collectibles, gaming items and more from over 400 creators and projects. The intuitive user interface and powerful search tools make it easy to find the perfect NFT.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace
OpenSea NFT Marketplace

#4 Treasure DAO Marketplace

Treasure DAO is a decentralized marketplace for Arbitrum-native NFTs with a focus on gaming and collectibles. It offers an array of tokenized assets from popular games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained, as well as rare digital art pieces. The platform also features a reputation system to help buyers find reliable sellers.

TreasureDAO Digital Collectibles Marketplace
TreasureDAO Digital Collectibles Marketplace - Arbitrum

#5 Wen Moon Market

Wen Moon Market is an Arbitrum-native marketplace for digital collectibles and gaming items. It offers a wide variety of tokenized assets from popular games such as Splinterlands, Blockchain Cuties and CryptoKitties. The platform also features a chat feature so buyers can connect with sellers directly to ask questions and negotiate prices.

Wen Moon Market - Arbitrum

Most popular NFTs on Arbitrum

If you are looking to find the most popular NFTs on Arbitrum to gauge the market and how digital collectibles are valued on the network, here is our guide on the top 5:

  1. Arbitrum Odyssey NFTs
  2. The Beacon NFT
  3. Smol Brains
  4. GMX Blueberry Club
  5. Kanpai Pandas

Why are NFTs popular on Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to improve the scalability and speed of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the ways it does this is by allowing transactions to be processed off-chain, which can reduce the strain on the Ethereum network and make it more efficient. This can make it an attractive platform for conducting transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets that are verified on the blockchain.

The popularity of NFTs on Arbitrum may also be due to the fact that they are well-suited to the platform's capabilities. NFTs can be used to represent a wide variety of digital assets, such as art, collectibles, and even virtual real estate, and the Ethereum blockchain allows for the creation and trading of these assets in a secure and transparent manner.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Arbitrum has become the most sought after Ethereum Layer 2 with billions of dollars locked in DeFi and NFT applications. The growing demand for NFTs has led to the emergence of several marketplaces, including TofuNFT, SmolSweep, OpenSea, Treasure DAO Marketplace, and Wen Moon Market. These platforms offer a variety of NFTs including digital art, collectibles, gaming items and more.

TofuNFT and SmolSweep currently lead the pack, offering the largest selection of NFTs and user-friendly interfaces. The popularity of NFTs on Arbitrum is largely due to the platform's scalability, efficiency and ability to support unique digital assets verified on the blockchain. With the growing interest in NFTs, the future of digital collectibles on the Arbitrum network looks bright.

Andrew Chen is a lead editor and auditor of content for Buy Bitcoin Bank, with a Masters of Computer Science and extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He has helped ensure the accuracy and quality of the platform's educational resources for new and experienced investors in the crypto space.