Summary: Ben Armstrong (@BenArmstrongsX), previously known by his online alias, Bitboy Crypto, is a controversial YouTube cryptocurrency content creator with a net worth of $20 million as of 2024. He has made a majority of his wealth from ads on his old YouTube channel, which he no longer has access to, and is pursuing a legal battle to claim ownership of the account. Ben has also released a book about digital asset investing that made him a significant amount of money.

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Ben Armstrong Background

Ben Armstrong, previously known as BitBoy Crypto, is a prominent and problematic figure in the cryptocurrency space. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he had amassed a significant following on social media platforms, including over 1 million followers on his old Twitter account @Bitboy_Crypto and 1.4 million on his YouTube channel, where his videos have been viewed over 260 million times, according to Social Blade. His brand had also partnered with Stake, a leading crypto-betting platform.

In mid-2023, he experienced a significant setback when he lost his company, The parent company of Hit Network, which controlled the "BitBoy Crypto" brand, severed ties with Ben Armstrong. The separation was cited to be due to certain unspecified issues. This move left many in the crypto community speculating about the future of Ben and the BitBoy Crypto brand. he also faced legal challenges; he filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr., also known as Atozy, which he lost.

Following the loss of his company, YouTube channel, and Twitter account, he rebranded to his government name, Ben Armstrong, and released his own token, Ben Coin ($BEN). Since the rebrand, Ben has announced that he is leaving his wife for another woman, Cassandra Wolfe, who now serves as the CEO of his token. This was all made public by Ben himself, adding further drama to his controversial life. 

Ben Armstrong.
Ben Armstrong.

Ben Armstrong Net Worth

Based on several sources online, Ben Armstrong has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2024. He has multiple crypto wallets online that can be tracked on DeBank. The total of his 10+ wallets is $8 million USD. 

How did BitBoy Get Rich?

He was very early to the cryptocurrency content creation game on YouTube and quickly amassed a large following after the large bull run in 2017. Throughout this run, Bitboy was known to be a paid marketer or promoter for several different cryptocurrency projects that paid him a sponsorship fee. This kind of promotion on his YouTube channel has been happening for years now and has drawn many controversies. 

Mainly, several popular Crypto Twitter personalities have called him out for not being transparent with his retail following. You can see a breakdown of Bitboy's rates and fees to shill crypto companies compared to other notable influencers below. He would earn little from organic advertising via YouTube because he does not get many views like Logan Paul or Mr Beast. The image below estimates what Bitboy's revenue would be from YouTube AdSense alone.

Bitboy Paid Marketing Sheet
Bitboy Crypto Paid Marketing Media Kit.

What is Ben Armstrong Doing Now?

Based on the information available on his Twitter, he has moved on from being known as BitBoy and now prefers to be called by his real name, Ben Armstrong. He is still actively involved in the crypto space and invites people to follow him if they are interested in digital currency. He has coined the term "$BEN Nation" to represent his new brand and community. He has a following of 49K people and is following 109 accounts.

It's clear that Ben Armstrong is in the process of rebranding and focusing on building a new community around his real name while still maintaining his passion for cryptocurrency. He seems to be taking a more personal approach this time, emphasizing his real name over a pseudonym to avoid future legal troubles.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Ben Armstrong has achieved an incredible level of success through his content creation on YouTube and his work in the cryptocurrency space. His net worth of over $20 million is a testament to the power of social media and the growing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

While he has faced some controversies related to paid marketing and sponsorships, it's important to note that transparency and disclosure are critical for building trust with audiences. As he continues to grow and evolve his brand, it will be interesting to see how he navigates the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency world and maintains his position in the space.