Bitboy Crypto is a Youtube content creator with a net worth of over $200 million. His channel has over 1.44m subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 190 million times according to Social Blade. He primarily creates content about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Bitboy Crypto's net worth comes from a variety of sources. He has made money from ads on his Youtube channel, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. He has also released a book about cryptocurrency investing.

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How did Bitboy Crypto grow his Net Worth?

Bitboy was very early to the cryptocurrency content creation game on Youtube, and quickly amassed a large following after the large bull-run in 2017. Throughout this run, Bitboy was known to be a paid-marketer or promoter for several different cryptocurrency projects that paid him a sponsorship fee.

This kind of promotion on Bitboy Crypto's Youtube channel has been happening for years now, which has drawn many controversies. Mainly, several popular Crypto Twitter personalities have called him out for not being transparent with his retail following. You can see a breakdown of Bitboy's rates and fees to shill crypto companies compared to other notable influencers below.

Bitboy Paid Marketing Sheet
Bitboy Crypto Paid Marketing Media Kit.

What is Bitboy Crypto's Youtube Revenue?

Bitboy makes a large percentage of his money through his large Youtube following. He accepts sponsored cryptocurrency reviews, which has allowed him to earn a large amount of tokens from new projects that he eventually gets to cash in. He would not earn too much from organic advertising via Youtube because he does not get high amounts of views like Logan Paul or Mr Beast. The image below is an estimate of what Bitboy's revenue would be from Youtube adsense alone.

Bitboy Crypto's estimated Youtube earnings.
Bitboy Crypto's estimated Youtube earnings.

Bitboy Twitter

If you want to catch regular updates from Bitboy, he posts regularly on his Twitter channel @Bitboy_Crypto. Bitboy regularly posts insightful market analysis and updates that help his followers stay up to date with the latest in the digital asset ecosystem.

Bitboy Crypto Age

BitBoy Crypto (aka Ben Armstrong) is 39 years of age and was born on 27 October 1982 in Atlanta, United States.

Final Thoughts

Bitboy Crypto has achieved an incredible level of success through his content creation on YouTube and his work in the cryptocurrency space. His net worth of over $200 million is a testament to the power of social media and the growing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. While he has faced some controversies related to paid marketing and sponsorships, it's important to note that transparency and disclosure are critical for building trust with audiences. As he continues to grow and evolve his brand, it will be interesting to see how he navigates the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency world and maintains his position as a leading voice in the industry.