Summary: X1, a cutting-edge Layer-2 blockchain network on Ethereum, offers smooth integration with popular wallets like MetaMask. This integration is facilitated through ChainList, a comprehensive platform for connecting to various blockchain networks, including X1's testnet. ChainList provides validated RPC details, ensuring a hassle-free connection between MetaMask and Ethereum-based networks.

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Can I Add X1 to MetaMask?

‍Absolutely, X1's integration with Ethereum, powered by the innovative Polygon CDK, allows for a seamless addition to MetaMask. This compatibility ensures users can engage with decentralized applications on X1 as effortlessly as on the Ethereum mainnet. Being a zkEVM Layer 2 network, X1 is designed for security and low fees, presenting a developer-friendly environment. However, it's important to note that X1 is available only in its testnet phase.

How to Add X1 to MetaMask

Adding the X1 testnet to your MetaMask wallet is straightforward with the help of ChainList, a reliable and comprehensive platform for blockchain network data. ChainList offers an easy-to-navigate interface for finding and connecting to various Web3 networks, including X1 and many others.

Here's a quick guide to link X1 with your MetaMask:

  1. Visit the ChainList application and type ‘X1 Testnet’ into the search bar.
  2. Locate the X1 Testnet option in the search results.
  3. Click on the 'Connect Wallet' button within the X1 section.
  4. Proceed through the prompts on your MetaMask Wallet to connect to the verified network.
Add X1 to MetaMask
Connect to the X1 Testnet via ChainList.

X1 Testnet RPC Details

To add the X1 Testnet to your MetaMask wallet without using ChainList, you can enter the RPC details manually in the application. Here are the verified RPC details for integrating the X1 Testnet into your MetaMask:

  • Network Name: X1 Testnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 195
  • Currency Symbol: OKB
  • Block Explorer URL:

What is X1?

X1 is a zkEVM Layer 2 network on Ethereum, enhancing scalability and efficiency. Utilizing Polygon CDK, it allows for easy deployment of Ethereum contracts and efficient off-chain transactions with zero-knowledge proofs. X1 offers scalability, integration with OKX, robust security, reduced costs, and access to innovative Web3 applications, backed by Polygon's technology.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, X1's integration into MetaMask, facilitated by its alignment with Ethereum and the innovative Polygon CDK, marks a significant step in blockchain usability and accessibility. While currently in its testnet phase, X1's seamless incorporation into MetaMask via ChainList or manual RPC details exemplifies its commitment to providing a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly environment.