Summary: Avalanche (AVAX) Core is a new wallet developed by Ava Labs that is a non-custodial browser extension, which allows users to seamlessly interact with Web3. Core is a complete Web3 wallet that is similar to Metamask, but tailor-made for the Avalanche network.

In this guide, we will outline how to download the AVAX Core wallet and start using it and interacting with DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more on the Avalanche blockchain.

Table of Contents

What is the Avalanche Core Wallet?

The Core Wallet is a new Web3 wallet for the Avalanche ecosystem that was designed and developed by Ava Labs. It was released on the 23rd of June following an announcement by the official Avalanche team via Medium.

Avalanche Core is a complimentary, non-custodial browser extension designed specifically for the Avalanche ecosystem. Beyond its functionality as a wallet, Avalanche Core functions as an integrated operating system amalgamating Wallet, Explorer, Bridge, Subnets, dApps, and more. Key features of Avalanche Core include:

  • Ledger Compatibility: Syncs with industry-leading hardware wallets.
  • Portfolio & Collectibles Dashboard: Enables a unified view of all fungible and non-fungible tokens without needing to add token addresses or switch networks.
  • Bridge: Provides native ERC-20 and BTC bridging, leveraging the same reliable technology that powers the Avalanche Bridge.
  • Swap: Allows users to swap between hundreds of tokens directly from the wallet (powered by ParaSwap).
  • Buy: Facilitates direct purchase of AVAX from the wallet (powered by MoonPay).
  • Address Book: Allows users to create contacts to save frequently used addresses.
  • Account Switcher: Supports the creation and management of multiple addresses using the same recovery phrase.

How to download AVAX Core Wallet

At present, the Core browser extension is officially supported only on Chrome. To download Core, head to or follow the simple guide below:

  1. Download the Core Wallet from the official Google Chrome web store.
  2. Install Avalanche Core onto your Chrome browser.
  3. Open the browser extension and save your Private Keys as provided to you by the wallet.
  4. Send Avalanche (AVAX) tokens to the account and start interacting with Web3 on the network.
Avalanche Core Wallet Portfolio
Core Wallet dashboard with a Portfolio overview.

Avalanche Core NFT Wallet

The Core wallet also has an in-built NFT and collectible dashboard that lets you monitor all of your NFTs through one slick user interface. Core also allows users to send and receive NFTs directly through the browser extension, which is a significant improvement to the clunky user experience on Metamask.

AVAX core wallet NFTs
AVAX Core NFT Wallet.

About Ava Labs

Ava Labs is the foundation behind the Avalanche blockchain that is led by Emin Gun Sirer and Kevin Sekniqi. They are a group of Cornell University computer science engineers, professors, and PHDs that are experienced in developing financial and cryptographic software.

The Ava Labs company has been funded by Andreesen Horowitz, Polychain, Naval Ravikant, and many other highly sophisticated investors.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Avalanche (AVAX) Core Wallet is a cutting-edge, non-custodial browser extension developed by Ava Labs, offering seamless interaction with Web3 on the Avalanche network. With functionalities akin to Metamask, but customized for the Avalanche ecosystem, the Core Wallet facilitates effortless engagement with Dapps, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more.

It offers features such as a native bridge compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum erc-20 tokens, an integrated DEX for token swaps, ledger wallet compatibility, a portfolio dashboard, and an NFT management platform. The AVAX Core Wallet is easily downloadable from the Google Chrome web store, providing a streamlined and secure entry point into the Avalanche network's vast range of opportunities.