Summary: Oasis, a privacy-focused, decentralized blockchain, can be effortlessly configured in your MetaMask wallet using either ChainList or by manually entering the network's RPC details. This integration facilitates smooth interaction with a variety of web3 and DeFi applications that operate on the Oasis network.

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Can I Add Oasis to MetaMask? 

Yes, Oasis can be effortlessly integrated with your MetaMask wallet, thanks to its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Oasis Emerald distinguishes itself through its privacy-preserving architecture, ensuring enhanced security and data protection. Once set up, you'll have the ability to manage ROSE tokens and other native Oasis assets with ease. This opens a doorway for everyday users and developers interested in delving into secure, low-cost decentralized applications.

How to Add Oasis to MetaMask

Oasis, a blockchain known for its focus on privacy and data protection, can be set up with your MetaMask wallet easily using ChainList, a reliable source for RPC details in the DeFi world. Here's a step-by-step guide to link Oasis Emerald with MetaMask using ChainList's friendly interface:

  1. Open the ChainList Application: Start by visiting ChainList, where you can browse through various Web3-compatible networks.
  2. Look for Oasis: Use the search bar to find the Oasis Network.
  3. Pick Oasis: Choose the Oasis option from the search results displayed.
  4. Link Your Wallet: Click on the 'Add to MetaMask' button found in the Oasis box. Doing this will prompt MetaMask to add the Oasis network to your wallet.

Using ChainList makes the whole process simple and ensures you're connecting to a trusted network, making it a great choice for those looking to add blockchains like Oasis to their MetaMask wallets.

Add Oasis to MetaMask

Oasis RPC Details

If you prefer to set up the Oasis network in your MetaMask wallet manually, sidestepping ChainList, you can use the following verified RPC details to create a direct connection to the mainnet:

  • Network name: Oasis Emerald
  • Network URL:
  • Chain ID: 42262
  • Currency symbol: ROSE
  • Block explorer URL:

These details will assist you in establishing a secure and direct link to the Oasis mainnet, enabling you to manage ROSE tokens and engage with Oasis's decentralized applications.

About Oasis

Oasis Network is a privacy-centric blockchain platform tailored for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. It sets itself apart by ensuring data privacy while maintaining a high throughput and low latency, making it a preferred choice for developers aiming to build secure, privacy-preserving applications.

The native token, ROSE, is pivotal in securing and facilitating operations within the Oasis ecosystem. Through innovative mechanisms, Oasis allows for smooth integration between blockchain and real-world data, fostering the development of versatile applications across many industries, encapsulating finance and healthcare, among others.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, integrating Oasis with MetaMask is straightforward and safe. You have the option of utilizing ChainList for a hassle-free setup or inputting RPC details manually. The distinctive features of Oasis, particularly its privacy-centric architecture and innovative consensus mechanism, provide a fast and secure environment for managing assets and exploring decentralized apps. Whether you're an everyday user or a developer, Oasis presents a practical solution to meet your needs.