How to Buy Crypto with A Credit Card in Australia

How to Buy Crypto with A Credit Card in Australia

Dylan Matthews
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September 25, 2022

Summary: The best way to buy Cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card in Australia is through a AUSTRAC-licensed digital asset trading platform. For investors looking to get started quickly, we recommend the SwyftX exchange because they offer fast Credit Card deposits to trade and stake over 350 assets.

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Best Credit Card Exchange

Platform Highlights

  • Fast Credit Card AUD deposits and low fees at 0.6% per trade.
  • Over 350 different cryptocurrencies on the SwyftX platform.
  • Crypto Staking, Crypto Bundles (ETFs), SMSF support & more.
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Where to buy Crypto with a Credit Card in Australia

SwyftX is the best exchange to buy Bitcoin and over 350 different cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card in Australia. Their platform offers low fees at 0.6% to buy or sell digital assets with a VISA/Mastercard and other prepaid Credit Cards.

With the SwyftX platform, you can also use the crypto you bought with your Credit Card to then stake and earn extra interest. With crypto staking on SwyftX, you can earn up to 20% APY in passive income paid out daily.

Buying Crypto with a Credit Card on SwyftX

Buying Bitcoin with a Credit Card on SwyftX is very simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Sign up to the SwyftX Platform
  2. Visit the 'Deposit Funds' screen
  3. Select the 'Deposit with Credit Card' button and follow the prompts
  4. Once your funds have been deposited, find Trade and select 'Bitcoin'
  5. Input the AUD amount and execute your order
Buy Cryptocurrency with a Credit Card on SwyftX.

Transaction Fees

The SwyftX platform charges zero fees to deposit Australian Dollars onto their platform to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Outside of this, you will pay a 0.6% swap fee to buy BTC, ETH and other digital assets.

There is also a $30 minimum deposit requirement for Credit Cards in Australia.

Alternative Platforms

If you are looking for an alternative platform that will let you buy Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Bonds, CFDs and Options - we would recommend eToro. They are Australia's largest and most trusted multi-asset brokerage.

A great advantage for the eToro platform is the fact that they charge $0 on trading fees. There is a 0.7% deposit fee when adding AUD onto the platform via Credit Card however.

What are the downsides of buying BTC with Credit?

One of the biggest downsides of buying Bitcoin with a Credit Card are generally the high fees. This is because exchanges charge a premium to deposit via Credit Card due to the high amounts of fraud and other forms of financial misconduct.

Fortunately, SwyftX is one of the few exchanges that does not charge excessive fees for instant Credit Card purchases in Australia. You can read our full SwyftX Review for more information.


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