Scott Melker a.k.a "The Wolf of all Streets" is an infamous Cryptocurrency influencer who is known for his Youtube Podcast and large Twitter following (@scottmelker).

Based on on-chain analysis that tracks his crypto wallets, Scott Melker's estimated net worth is $10 million.

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Scott Melker Background

Scott Melker is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and former musician & DJ. Scott was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania having earned a BA in Anthropology in 1999.

He then went on to have a 20-year music career and played as a DJ alongside large names that includes Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and many others. He earned his money early on by touring around the world and playing at large festivals like Beyond the Valley in Australia.

In 2017 Melker then began speaking about Cryptocurrencies and building his brand within the community. He has now grown his Twitter following to over 800,000 people making him one of the larger influencers in the space.

Scott Melker Net Worth
The Twitter profile of Scott Melker.

How did Scott Melker build his Net Worth

Scott Melker was infamous for pumping coins to his followers and then selling into the hype. He was caught out on many occasions by on-chain analysts for tweeting about a coin, then selling it moments after his tweet pumped a token.

Overall, Scott Melker is not a trustworthy influencer to follow and you should avoid following his channels. The tweet thread below highlights Scott Melker's dubious and scamming history.

Final Thoughts

Despite his questionable reputation, Scott Melker still remains an influential figure in theCryptocurrency space. His estimated net worth of $10 million is a testament to how good he is at marketing himself and pumping assets. However, you should not follow his advice blindly as this could potentially lead you to lose money. You should instead look for other more reliable sources of information. Remember, always do your own research before investing in anything!