NGMI Meaning Crypto

NGMI Meaning Crypto

Sara White
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Oct 2, 2022

Summary: NGMI is a popular term used on Crypto Twitter that stands for "Not gonna make it".

It refers to when someone makes a bad decision, such as taking a bad trade or selling an NFT early that would result in them losing money.

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Where did NGMI come from?

The term Not Gonna Make it (NGMI) was popularized during the NFT mania in 2021 and was commonly used if an investor sold an NFT project too early. The phrase exploded after a viral tweet from an Ethereum NFT enthusiast that turned Netflix, Metaverse (Facebook), Google, and Instagram into an "NGMI" logo.

How to use NGMI in Crypto

The best way to use the phrase NGMI is if you are part of a community and you want to flex to people who are not in your community. Some examples of this from various communities are:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club owner: "If you sell you sold your Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) early, you are NGMI."
  • Bitcoin Maximalist: "If you hold more altcoins than Bitcoin, you are NGMI".
  • Ethereum Maximalist: "I you think alternative Layer 1 platforms like Avalanche and Solana are going to overtake Ethereum, you are NGMI".


NGMI and WAGMI have completely opposing definitions when it comes to using it on Crypto Twitter. WAGMI means "We're all going to make it", which is the opposite of NGMI and "Not going to make it".

NGMI Crypto Token

A NGMI token was built and deployed on the Avalanche (AVAX) network to celebrate the meme behind the popular term. It has over 1 billion tokens in circulation and was airdropped for free to users who have bridged to Avalanche. It is purely a memecoin and has no real utility or value, but there is a growing community behind the token.

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