Summary: Milady Maker stands out as an innovative NFT collection, featuring 10,000 artworks in the 'neochibi' style inspired by Japanese Y2K street fashion. It goes beyond digital art by fostering a lifestyle and culture through interactive experiences like Milady VRtube and Milady Raves. The collection is characterized by five style themes (Gyaru, Prep, Lolita, Hypebeast, and Harajuku), each assessed with a unique 'Drip Grade' system. However, amidst its artistic appeal, potential investors should be wary of the ongoing legal disputes among its founders, which could affect the project's market stability.

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What is Milady Maker?

Milady Maker is an innovative NFT collection featuring 10,000 generative artworks in the 'neochibi' style, inspired by Japanese Y2K street fashion. This project transcends typical digital art, fostering a community-oriented ecosystem through Milady VRtube and Milady Raves, blending art with interactive social experiences. It's not just about owning digital art; it's about participating in a lifestyle and culture deeply rooted in a unique aesthetic.

Emphasizing community collaboration, Milady Maker supports expansions and derivative projects like Pixelady Maker, engaging its audience in creative development. This approach solidifies its position as a copylefted brand, dedicated to fostering a dynamic, participatory community that contributes to and evolves the project's scope, making it more than just an NFT collection.

Milady Maker Collection.

Milady NFT Variations

The Milady Maker collection stands out with its five distinct style themes, each a tribute to Tokyo's diverse fashion tribes. The themes include Gyaru, Prep, Lolita, Hypebeast, and Harajuku, reflecting the rich tapestry of Tokyo's street fashion. Unique to this collection is the 'Drip Grade' system, a novel approach to evaluating the aesthetic appeal of each NFT. This grading scale, ranging from SS to D, assesses the overall style and rarity of the outfit, adding a gamified element to the collection's appeal.

The highest tier, SS, represents the most sought-after Miladies, with their rarity and design complexity reflected in their current market value, which stands at approximately 6 ETH. his grading not only adds a layer of engagement for collectors but also emphasizes the artistic and cultural significance of each piece in the collection.

Milady Maker Themes.
Milady Maker Themes.

Milady Lawsuit

The Milady Maker NFT project is currently facing legal challenges. Central to the dispute are lawsuits filed by its pseudonymous founders, accusing each other of fraud. These lawsuits revolve around control over the project's intellectual property and financial management.

Charlotte Fang, the alias of Krishna Okhandiar and the face of Milady Maker, filed a lawsuit in Nevada, alleging that his appointed management team at Remilia Corporation attempted to unlawfully seize company assets. In response, the management team, including Maxwell Roux, John Duff, and Henry Smith, filed a countersuit in Delaware, claiming co-foundership and disputing Okhandiar’s claims.

This legal battle within the Milady Maker project illustrates the complexities of governance in the NFT and crypto space, particularly in projects with pseudonymous leadership. The ensuing uncertainty has affected the market value of Milady NFTs, highlighting the volatile nature of investor confidence in digital asset markets.

Milady Floor Price

As of the latest data, the Milady Maker collection reports a total trading volume of 89,479 ETH. The current floor price stands at 2.75 ETH, with the best offer being 2.5462 WETH. The collection has a listing rate of 1%, indicating that 3,467 out of the total 10,000 pieces (or 36% of the collection) are currently listed for sale. This data provides insights into the collection's market dynamics, including owner distribution and trading activity, essential for potential investors and enthusiasts tracking the collection's performance in the evolving NFT marketplace.

Are Milady's a Good Investment?

Assessing whether Miladys are a good NFT investment requires careful consideration, especially in light of the recent lawsuit issues. The legal disputes surrounding the Milady Maker project have introduced a level of uncertainty and risk, potentially affecting the collection's market stability and future value. While the Miladys have shown significant growth in their floor price since launch, the ongoing legal challenges could impact investor confidence and market dynamics.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Milady Maker NFT collection represents a unique fusion of artistic innovation and community engagement, set against the backdrop of Tokyo's eclectic street fashion. While its diverse style themes and creative grading system offer an intriguing blend of art and gamification, potential investors must be mindful of the current legal disputes impacting the project. These legal challenges underscore the inherent risks and uncertainties within the NFT market, highlighting the importance of diligent research and cautious investment strategies.