Daniele Sestagalli or 'Daniele Sesta' is the founder of Wonderland (TIME), Abracadabra Money (SPELL), and Popsicle Finance (ICE).

He has an estimated net worth of $200 million based on his Crypto investments, on-chain activity, and seed investments as a venture capitalist.

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Who is Daniele Sesta?

Daniele Sesta was born in Italy and is an accomplished engineer in computer science, blockchain, and cryptography. He moved to Switzerland in 2011 and started working with the Bitcoin Foundation in the early days of the digital currency movement.

He later became fascinated with Ethereum and the power of Smart-Contract platforms and started building applications. His notable dapps were Wonderland Money, Spell/Magic Internet Money and Popsicle Fiance. They had a combined market cap of $4 Billion.

The Abracadabra Money borrowing and lending protocol.

How did Daniele Sestagalli grow his Net Worth?

Daniele grew his net worth significantly by being early to the cryptocurrency space. He was investing in Bitcoin back when it was worth under $1 and was actively involved in protocol development in the early days.

His net worth sky-rocketed during the peak of 'Frog Nation' - which was the cult-like following he had around his projects. These platforms ultimately ended up collapsing, but still left Daniele with a comfortable amount of money.

What is Daniele Sesta doing now?

Daniele Sesta has committed to revitalizing Magic Internet Money (MIM) and Abracadabra (SPELL), which are two platforms that work together to issue a USD stable coin. He believes their design is superior to Terra (LUNA), whose token price recently ran to zero.

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