Summary: For acquiring Tether in Portugal, engaging with a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates Euro transactions is the most secure method. Portuguese investors are able to efficiently convert EUR to USDT and other stablecoins through bank transfers and credit cards, ensuring they select a platform regulated for utmost security.

Our preferred choice for investors in Portugal is Bybit. This exchange enables swift and free EUR deposits through various payment methods. It offers Tether and over 1000 digital currencies, available for trading across multiple markets such as spot, futures, and options. Besides trading, Bybit extends services like staking, lending, and borrowing, broadening the scope for financial engagement.

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Can I Buy Tether in Portugal?

Yes, Portuguese investors have the opportunity to acquire USDT through reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in Portugal that conform to local regulatory standards. These platforms enable transactions in Euros, facilitating direct transfers from Portuguese bank accounts or linked credit cards. Recognized for their reliability, these exchanges offer a secure and regulated environment for engaging in USDT trading and staking activities.

How to Buy USDT in Portugal

Securing USDT in Portugal is straightforward via platforms like Bybit, providing Portuguese investors with a smooth and efficient entry process. The platform ensures quick and economical Euro contributions through bank transfer, Multibanco, debit cards, credit cards, among other avenues. Following the deposit, these funds are convertible into Tether or alternative stablecoins with low fees.

Embark on trading an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, including USDT, with this guide:

  1. Register Account: Initiate your Bybit account setup and finalize verification procedures.
  2. Select Payment Method: Access the 'Buy Crypto' section found in the menu.
  3. Transfer Funds: Choose EUR and USDT, then specify your deposit method.
  4. Acquire Crypto: Press 'Buy' and pick a payment method to finalize your acquisition.
Buy USDT in Portugal via Bybit.
Buy USDT in Portugal via Bybit.

Is Tether (USDT) Legal in Portugal?

In Portugal, stablecoins like USDT are acknowledged as digital currencies and are subject to the oversight of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). Engaging with stablecoins in Portugal is recommended to be done with due diligence, consulting legal experts or regulatory bodies to ensure adherence to all relevant Portuguese financial laws and regulations.

EUR to USDT Fees

Bybit presents an attractive fee model for acquiring USDT, applying a nominal 0.1% fee for each purchase or sale transaction conducted on the exchange. This rate is competitively low, positioning it as a top choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Portugal. Bybit streamlines the investment process by offering bank transfers and credit/debit card deposits without imposing additional processing charges.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, embracing a regulated cryptocurrency exchange like Bybit for Tether acquisition in Portugal represents a secure and efficient avenue for investors. Bybit's platform, with its competitive fees and diverse financial services, stands out for those looking to engage in the dynamic world of digital currencies. In addition to trading, Portuguese investors can also stake their USDT on the platform and earn up to 40% APY.