Summary: Up Bank permits customers to explore Bitcoin and additional cryptocurrencies through platforms that are regulated by ASIC and accept deposits in Australian Dollars. It’s important to mention the bank doesn't directly handle cryptocurrency trading through its website or application, but it does allow customers to conduct transactions with licensed digital asset exchanges supervised by AUSTRAC.

Our expert team conducted a thorough examination of Australia's top digital asset exchanges and found Kraken as the best choice for Up Bank's clients. The main advantage is that Kraken does not impose fees on AUD deposits to trade a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 cryptocurrencies in an ASIC-regulated environment. The platform facilitates instant deposits using diverse methods, such as bank transfers (PayID/Osko) and credit cards.

Best Exchange for Up Bank - Kraken
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Kraken is a registered Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) with AUSTRAC in Australia (ACN 163 237 634).
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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Up Bank?

Certainly, as an Up Bank customer, you can purchase Bitcoin along with other cryptos through licensed digital currency exchanges in Australia supervised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. These platforms facilitate straightforward AUD transfers from Up Bank accounts or cards. Under the regulatory guidance of the ASIC, cryptocurrency exchanges offer a safe and protected environment for buying and conducting trades with digital currencies.

How to Buy Crypto with Up Bank

For individuals considering diving into digital currencies through Up Bank, we recommend leveraging a credible, ASIC-regulated exchange such as Kraken. This platform facilitates rapid and cost-free AUD transactions from Up Bank accounts. It offers trading and staking services for over 200 cryptocurrencies at competitive rates. Deposit methods include PayID, Osko, bank transfers, debit cards, and credit cards, among others.

Here's a step-by-step guide to support you in this venture:

  1. Account Creation: Start by creating an account on Kraken. Follow the essential verification procedures for individuals, businesses, or SMSFs.
  2. Currency Selection: Choose the preferred deposit currency on the Kraken platform (AUD).
  3. Initiate Deposit: Select your payment method (for example, PayID, bank transfer, or Credit Card) and complete your deposit.
  4. Cryptocurrency Acquisition: The final phase involves selecting the cryptocurrency you want to purchase and finalising your transaction.
How to Buy Crypto with Up Bank.
How to Buy Crypto with Up Bank.

Up Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Up Bank maintains a well-measured balance between caution and advancement in the realm of cryptocurrency. It empowers its clients to explore the world of digital assets by utilising exchanges that are sanctioned by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Within Australia, Kraken is a reputable exchange that aligns with ASIC's regulations and is officially recognised as a Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) under ACN 163 237 634.

With this strategy, Up Bank facilitates its customers in overcoming the complexities tied to conventional banking systems, all the while expanding their investment opportunities with Bitcoin and other digital assets. This approach signifies Up Bank's commitment to innovation and responsible investment practices, providing an easy and secure pathway.

What is Up Bank?

Up Bank, based in Australia, is a modern and digital-only neobank established in 2018. Operated by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, it targets tech-savvy users, offering an intuitive mobile app interface that emphasises convenience and ease of use. Up Bank focuses on providing fee-free banking services such as savings accounts, payment tracking, and automatic categorisation of expenditures. 

Its progressive approach aligns with contemporary customer demands, integrating financial technology to foster an innovative and streamlined banking experience. By cultivating a customer-centric model, Up Bank has quickly gained popularity among a new generation of banking customers in Australia.

Up Bank: Home Page.
Up Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Up Bank supports customers interested in exploring cryptocurrencies through ASIC-regulated exchanges. Instead of directly engaging in crypto trading, Up Bank ensures a secure route to digital currency platforms such as Kraken. This exchange provides a wide range of options for AUD deposits and a comprehensive selection of over 200 cryptocurrencies.

This method reflects Up Bank's commitment to fostering innovation while concurrently minimising the risks associated with the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets. Consequently, customers of Up Bank can confidently embark on their crypto journey, supported by the dependability and guidance of their trusted banking institution.