Summary: The easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with a direct deposit from your bank account is with a regulated crypto broker. With this method, users can transfer funds from their bank via ACH Transfer (USA) or SEPA Transfer (Europe) directly to an exchange to buy, sell and trade digital assets.

Based on our research, we found that Uphold was the best platform for Direct Deposits in over 120 countries. Their platform offers instant and free SEPA, ACH and other direct deposit methods to trade over 250 crypto assets with zero trading fees.

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How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with a Direct Deposit

As mentioned above, the safest and fastest way to invest in cryptocurrencies with a direct deposit in any country is through a trusted online broker. We recommend the Uphold platform because they hold licenses from major financial regulators around the world including FinCEN in the USA, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and many others.

They offer fast and cheap direct deposits in multiple currencies like USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, SEK, CHF and more. You can get started in 4 simple steps with this guide:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on Uphold and complete your verification (personal or company).
  2. Connect Account: Select the currency you want deposit on the Uphold Platform (GBP + 30 more).
  3. Deposit Funds: Connect your Yorkshire Bank account to quickly deposit your selected fiat currency.
  4. Buy Crypto: The final step is to find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and execute your trade.
Buy Crypto Direct Deposit
Deposit Multiple Currencies with a Direct Bank Transfer.

What are the fees to buy Crypto with a Direct Deposit?

The fees to buy Crypto with a direct deposit depend on the platform you use. Uphold is one of the cheaper platforms to buy crypto and Bitcoin with a direct deposit with fees as low as 0% for investors in the US, the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. That said, there is a variable conversion fee that is applied to all transactions if you deposit non-USD currency because the exchange only uses US Dollars to trade.

Is it safe to buy digital assets with a Direct Deposit?

Yes, it is safe to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with a direct deposit from the bank account when using a regulated online broker like Uphold. They are regularly audited by multiple regulators around the world, have segregated bank accounts for clients' funds and use advanced encryption technology to keep your data safe.  Nevertheless, make sure you understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading before investing.

In addition to this Uphold are one of the only platforms that provide a daily audit for proof-of-reserves that highlights customer funds are always held 1:1. This makes them one of the safest places to buy and hold cryptocurrencies with a direct deposit.

Audited Proof-of-Reserves.

Final Thoughts

Buying cryptocurrency with a direct deposit from your bank account is the simplest and fastest way to invest in digital assets. It’s an easy, secure and convenient method that offers users quick access to the markets without having to wait for their funds to arrive. Another advantage of direct deposits is that if funds go missing, you are able to contact your bank and have them refunded.  

With that said, it’s important to always use a trusted crypto platform with multiple regulatory licenses before investing in digital assets.  By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your funds are safe and secure.