Summary: While QIWI does not offer direct Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments, users in Russia and Europe can still purchase crypto by transferring funds from their QIWI accounts to reputable exchanges that accept deposits from the payment system.

Based on our analysis, we found that the top option for buying crypto with QIWI is through the Binance exchange. Their platform offers instant and free QIWI deposits to trade over 350 crypto assets with competitive fees across different trading options including spot, futures, options and more.

Best Exchange for QIWI

Platform Highlights

  • Instant and free deposits from QIWI in Russia, Ukraine and surrounding countries.
  • Trade 350+ crypto assets with low fees starting at 0.1% per trade.
  • Largest and most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange in the world with 100 million users.
Binance - QIWI
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How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with QIWI

As outlined above, the best way to buy digital assets with QIWI is through a trusted platform that accepts QIWI deposits. After reviewing over 30 platforms, we found that Binance offered the fastest and lowest fee QIWI deposits for investors in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and hundreds of other countries.

To help you get started, here is a simple 4 step guide to buying crypto with QIWI:

  1. Sign Up: Register for an account on Binance and complete the verification process.
  2. Deposit Funds: Choose P2P Transfer, the fiat currency you wish to deposit, and QIWI as your payment method.
  3. Finalize Transfer: Select the vendor you want to deposit funds with & finalize the transfer.
  4. Buy Crypto: Once the money arrives in your account, find the token you want to buy and execute your trade.
Buy Crypto QIWI
Deposit funds with QIWI.

What are the Fees?

The fees associated with buying cryptocurrencies through QIWI are determined by the selected crypto exchange or broker since QIWI does not directly facilitate cryptocurrency trading services. Our recommended platform, Binance, enables instant and free QIWI deposits, as well as competitive transaction fees starting at 0.1%.

However, various exchanges or brokers may impose distinct fee structures for deposits, trades, and withdrawals. It is crucial to assess the charges and conditions of each platform prior to engaging in any transactions.

Is QIWI Crypto-Friendly?

Yes, based on our internal reviews we found that QIWI is crypto-friendly and allows its customers to deposit funds into large and trusted exchanges. This means that investors do not need to be worried about the potential for their accounts being frozen when depositing RUB, UAH or other currencies into digital asset trading platforms.

What is QIWI?

QIWI is a versatile payment service provider, primarily operating in Russia and neighboring countries. It enables users to execute swift and secure transactions, such as paying bills, transferring money, and topping up mobile phones. QIWI's user-friendly platform, which includes e-wallets and physical kiosks, has gained popularity for its convenience and accessibility, making it a preferred choice for many individuals and businesses in the region.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the safest and easiest way to invest in digital assets with QIWI is through a trusted platform like Binance. With this method, investors in Russia, Ukraine and other countries can instantly and freely deposit their local currency to trade over 350 crypto assets with competitive fees.

Co-Founder & former Investment Banker (Finance MBA) turned Full-Time analyst and Head of Research at Buy Bitcoin Bank. Left traditional finance to pursue my interest in digital assets and decentralized finance.