Summary: You can efficiently bridge assets to opBNB, a Layer-2 solution tailored for the Binance Smart Chain, by using trusted services like The process is straightforward and secure, usually costing less than $1 in gas fees and a 0.16% service fee from the bridge. opBNB offers low-cost transactions and high throughput, making it a compelling choice for diverse digital applications like gaming and DeFi.

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Can I Bridge to opBNB?

Yes, you can bridge to opBNB, a Layer-2 solution, specifically designed for the Binance Smart Chain. To make the bridge, locate a trustworthy cross-chain bridge compatible with opBNB's Layer-2 infrastructure. During this procedure, you'll lock your assets (e.g. BNB) in a smart contract on your initial network. An equivalent amount of assets will then be rapidly minted on the opBNB Layer-2 platform. By selecting a reputable bridge, you safeguard a smooth and secure transition of your funds.

How to Bridge to opBNB

One of the most reliable ways to move your assets to the opBNB network is through a trusted centralized or decentralized cross-chain bridging service. In this context, stands out as a reputable bridge, facilitating the transfer of tokens from multiple EVM-compatible networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Here's an easy-to-follow guide to assist you in the process:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet, be it MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet.
  3. Choose BNB as the originating network and opBNB as your destination network to bridge BNB tokens.
  4. Confirm the transaction and allow approximately 2 minutes for your assets to be transferred to the opBNB network.

By using, you ensure a seamless and secure transition of your assets to the opBNB Layer-2 platform.

Bridge to opBNB

What are the opBNB Bridge Fees? 

When bridging assets to the opBNB network, the fees are quite specific. As you can only bridge from the Binance Smart Chain, the gas fees for these transactions are generally quite low, usually less than $1. However, it's important to account for the bridge fees charged by cross-chain services like, which typically take a 0.16% fee for the asset transfer. 

These are the main expenses you'll encounter, and they are relatively consistent unless there's an unusual spike in demand or network activity. Using offers you a secure and cost-effective way to move your assets to the opBNB Layer-2 platform.

About opBNB

opBNB is an optimized Layer-2 scaling solution tailored for the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), aimed at unlocking the chain's full potential by providing lower fees and higher throughput. Developed using the OP Stack, opBNB delivers stable, low-cost gas fees, making it a versatile choice for various digital applications, from gaming and decentralized exchanges to everyday transactions and digital collectibles. The platform offers native integration with the BNB ecosystem and supports the BNB native token-driven economy. 


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bridging to opBNB offers a streamlined, cost-effective way to unlock the advantages of Layer-2 scaling on the Binance Smart Chain. Utilizing reputable bridging services like ensures a secure, hassle-free asset transfer with minimal fees. The opBNB network stands as a compelling option for those seeking lower gas fees and enhanced throughput, making it a viable platform for various digital applications.