Summary: Bridging your digital assets to Mode's L2 network is streamlined through By connecting your decentralized wallet like MetaMask, you can efficiently transfer a range of assets to participate in Mode's ecosystem. Rhino-fi is recognized for its competitive fee structure, offering an economical gateway to leverage Mode's capabilities and its collaboration with Optimism, enhancing the Superchain experience.

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Can I Bridge to Mode?

Yes, moving your assets from other EVM-compatible chains to Mode is secure and straightforward. Various crypto bridge services are available to ensure your asset transfer is smooth and reliable. These platforms are compatible with Web 3.0 wallets like MetaMask, facilitating the safe movement of tokens, including ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT, straight to Mode's network.

How to Bridge to Mode

For investors looking to move digital assets to Mode, Rhino-fi is the premier choice, renowned for its efficiency. It has adeptly handled the transfer of nearly $3 billion in assets between various Ethereum-compatible and Layer 2 networks. ensures a smooth and secure transition of your assets, including stablecoins and Ethereum-based tokens, into Mode's ecosystem. 

Start your bridging journey by following these four steps:

  1. Visit the website and connect your decentralized wallet.
  2. Select Mode as your destination network, mindful of the originating network.
  3. Choose the asset you intend to transfer, whether a stablecoin or another type of token and enter the amount.
  4. Thoroughly review the transaction details, then confirm the transfer. Your assets will be transferred to your Mode wallet swiftly.
Bridge to Mode via
Bridge to Mode via

Mode Bridging Fees

When opting for to transition your digital assets to Mode, it's essential to account for the associated fees. Typically, the platform imposes a charge varying from 0.06% to 0.12% of the total transferred amount. For instance, moving 1 ETH would incur a fee between 0.0006 and 0.0012 ETH. It's also important to note that transfers from a Layer 1 network like Ethereum may attract additional network fees, potentially up to $10. 

However, these expenses are generally reduced for assets moved from another Layer 2 network to Mode. Understanding this fee structure allows for informed decisions, making the most of's economical and reliable service.

Alternative Bridging Platforms

Several avenues are available to transfer your digital currencies from the mainnet or other Layer 2 networks to Mode. Platforms like Stargate Finance and Synapse are acknowledged for their dependability, wide-ranging token support, and interoperability with numerous networks. 

For those seeking the most straightforward and integrated method to transition, Mode's dedicated bridging service merits consideration. It's intricately woven into Mode's infrastructure, offering users a frictionless experience. While its native integration to Mode is a significant benefit, it's worth noting that withdrawal times might extend up to a week, contrasting with alternative services such as, which boast nearly instant withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bridging assets to Mode's L2 network via offers a streamlined, secure, and affordable solution for engaging with Mode's dynamic ecosystem. With straightforward steps and a clear fee structure, ensures that both novice and experienced users can navigate the process with ease, making the most of Mode's collaboration with Optimism to enhance the Superchain experience.