If you want to bridge your cryptocurrencies between Fantom and Optimism, you have come to the right place.

We recommend using Synapse, it's a cross-chain DEX that facilitates bridging on their platform. They offer the lowest fees out of any exchange, the fastest transaction speeds and support 15 networks.

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How to Bridge Crypto from Fantom to Optimism 

As the Fantom and Optimism networks grow in popularity, more and more bridging protocols list the two chains on their platforms. One of the exchanges to support both networks is Synapse, a popular DEX (decentralized exchange) that facilitates bridging. Synapse supports bridging between 15 networks including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BSC and more.

Synapse is the most secure and reliable bridging protocol, it has the largest bridging volume out of any exchange in the world. Synapse only launched in late 2021 and has consistently done $1B in bridging volume every month.

Synapse Home Page

Where to Bridge from Fantom to Optimism

In the example, we will use USDC as the bridging token but you can also send USDT, UST, gOHM, SYN, nUSD, nETH & ETH. To get started, follow the below steps:

Step One: Visit Synapse and connect your Web3 Wallet
Step Two: Select Fantom and Optimism as your two networks
Step Three: Input the amount of USDC you want to bridge

Fantom to Optimism Bridge Synapse

‚ÄćStep Four: Confirm the transaction on Metamask and your funds in will arrive in your wallet within a minute

Metamask access permission

Optimism & Fantom RPC Details

To send tokens between these two networks you will need to have added both blockchains to your Metamask. Below you will fund the RPC details for both networks, simply copy and paste them into your Metamask.

Fantom to Optimism Bridging Fees

When bridging from Fantom to Optimism there is a network transaction and bridging (gas) fee involved. The fees to bridge typically range between $20 - $30USD, but on Synapse it ranges between $5 - $10USD.

Synapse also offers their users the opportunity to bridge between chains with 0% slippage when they use the native token of Synapse, SYN as the bridging token. If you want to purchase SYN, you can buy it on various DEXs such as SushiSwap.

For a comprehensive review of Synapse and all its features, visit our Synapse Review page.

Fantom to Optimism Bridge
May 12, 2022

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