Summary: In the rapidly evolving digital asset sector, marked by constant innovation, staying informed is essential for investors and enthusiasts. Understanding the latest trends is key to maintaining an edge. Podcasts are a vital source for insights into the cryptocurrency market, offering an accessible means to comprehend the complexities of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Our researched list of the top 10 cryptocurrency podcasts provides insightful and current information in this dynamic field.

  1. Bankless - Best Overall Crypto & Macro Finance Podcast
  2. Unchained Podcast - Good Choice for DeFi and Regulatory News
  3. Real Vision Crypto - Focuses on Intersection of Crypto and Finance
  4. The Daily Gwei - Delivers Daily Updates of Ethereum-related News
  5. Taiki Maeda - Top Choice for Best DeFi Farms
  6. Empire (Blockworks) - Covers Significant Developments in Crypto
  7. The Calculator Guy - For Advanced DeFi Strategies
  8. UpOnly - Discusses Market trends and Future Predictions in Crypto
  9. Blockworks Macro - Explores Broader Economic Implications of Crypto
  10. Scott Melker - Shares Insights on Trading Strategies and Market Dynamics
Table of Contents

Best Crypto Podcasts

We meticulously evaluated over 20 active podcasts focused on blockchain technology to identify the most informative and influential crypto podcasts. Key criteria were thoroughly examined, including the depth of analysis, clarity of explanations, diversity of topics, caliber of guests, and regularity of episodes. This comprehensive analysis has led us to curate a list of the top five cryptocurrency podcasts that stand out for their exceptional contribution to the industry.

1. Bankless

Hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, experts in Ethereum and DeFi, Bankless is the premier podcast for those at the intersection of cryptocurrency and traditional finance. With over 217,000 followers, the podcast has featured luminaries such as Vitalik Buterin and Raoul Pal, discussing topics from Ethereum's roadmap to the future of digital finance. The blend of expert commentary and in-depth analysis on macroeconomic trends and their impact on the crypto space makes Bankless a must-listen for serious investors and enthusiasts alike.

Bankless Crypto Podcast
The Bankless Podcast.

2. Unchained Podcast

Unchained, hosted by Laura Shin, a former Forbes editor, is a pivotal podcast for DeFi enthusiasts and those curious about crypto regulations. The podcast amassed over 58k followers and has welcomed guests like SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce and DeFi pioneer Andre Cronje, covering everything from regulatory landscapes to the mechanics of yield farming. Unchained's commitment to uncovering the intricacies of DeFi and the regulatory environment provides invaluable insights for listeners keen on the future of decentralized finance.

Unchained Crypto Podcast
Unchained Podcast by Laura Shin.

3. Real Vision

Real Vision combines traditional finance and crypto, offering listeners a deep dive into how these worlds intersect and influence each other. Hosted by Raoul Pal, a respected figure in finance, the podcast boasts interviews with financial heavyweights and crypto innovators alike, discussing topics such as Bitcoin's role in investment portfolios and the impact of blockchain technology on global finance. The channel specializes in detailed interviews and documentary-style features, delivering a deep dive into the nuances and dynamics of the digital currency landscape.

Real Vision Crypto Podcast
The Real Vision Crypto Podcast.

4. The Daily Gwei

Launched in 2017, The Daily Gwei is an Ethereum-focused podcast hosted by Anthony Sassano that delves into the Ethereum ecosystem. It has gained over 25k followers and is known for its slightly more technical approach. The podcast covers topics like protocol-level developments and the emerging zero-knowledge proof technologies on Ethereum. This podcast has become a staple for Ethereum enthusiasts, offering updates on network upgrades, project developments, and Ethereum's scaling solutions. 

The Daily Gwei
The Daily Gwei Podcast.

5. Taiki Maeda

Taiki Maeda is a popular DeFi analyst, researcher, and yield farmer who hosts a podcast that explores the multifaceted world of multi-chain DeFi and has amassed over 96k followers on YouTube. His insights, particularly into the best farming and liquidity-providing opportunities for yield maximization, are invaluable, as evidenced by his successful trades in the 2021 bull markets of alternative layer-1 solutions like Polygon and Avalanche. His interviews with project developers offer listeners a comprehensive guide to maximizing their yields in the DeFi space.

Taiki MaedaPodcast
Taiki Maeda Podcast.

6. Empire (Blockworks)

Empire is produced by Blockworks and is known for its insightful discussions on the pivotal moments shaping the cryptocurrency world. Hosted by venture capitalists Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Santos, the podcast covers significant market developments, project launches, and the broader impact of crypto on traditional finance. With guests ranging from industry trailblazers to financial analysts, Empire provides a panoramic view of the crypto landscape, making it an essential podcast for those wishing to grasp cryptocurrency's influence.

Empire Crypto Podcast
Empire by Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel.

7. The Calculator Guy

Specializing in advanced DeFi yield farming strategies, The Calculator Guy podcast offers insights into 'delta-hedged' strategies, allowing investors to engage in yield farming on various protocols without market direction exposure. Hosted by Stephen TCG, this YouTube channel has gained over 62k followers and enables steady yield farming rewards in both bullish and bearish markets. The podcast stands out for its detailed breakdowns of DeFi protocols, yield optimization techniques, and risk assessment, providing listeners with the tools to navigate the complex DeFi ecosystem successfully. 

The Calculator Guy
The Calculator Guy DeFi Podcast.

8. UpOnly

Hosted by popular cryptocurrency influencers Crypto Cobain and Ledger Status, UpOnly is a popular podcast blending entertainment with insightful discussions. Regularly featuring prominent guests like Arthur Hayes and Michael Saylor, the podcast offers a unique take on market trends and states. UpOnly's blend of humor, expert insights, and candid discussions makes it a refreshing take on the future of blockchain technology. Unfortunately, it was sponsored by FTX, which has now become insolvent and they have not uploaded a video since.

UpOnly Crypto Pofcas
The UpOnly Podcast by Crypto Cobain and LedgerStatus.

9. Blockworks Macro

Blockworks Macro examines the macroeconomic implications of cryptocurrencies, providing listeners with a deep understanding of how digital assets interact with and influence broader economic trends. Hosted by Michael Ippolito, Jack Farley, and Mark Yusko, the podcast thoroughly analyzes topics like inflation, monetary policy, and global finance through the lens of crypto, making it an essential listen for those interested in the intersection of crypto and macroeconomics. It has the largest amount of subscribers out of any podcast, with over 170,000 on YouTube alone.

Blockworks Macro PO
Blockworks Macro Podcast.

10. Scott Melker

Scott Melker, known as "The Wolf of All Streets," shares his trading insights and strategies on his self-titled podcast, offering listeners a look into the tactics that have made him a respected figure in the crypto trading community. He provides a platform for industry giants like Tim Draper to share insights. Focusing on trading strategies and technical analysis, Melker excels at simplifying complex concepts for a broad audience. Covering everything from technical analysis to market psychology, Scott's podcast is a treasure trove for traders looking to hone their skills.

Scott Melker
The Scott Melker Podcast.

Should I Watch Crypto Podcasts?

In the cryptocurrency world, where innovations like zero-knowledge technology, Cosmos app chains, and the DeFi and NFT ecosystem in gaming are emerging at a breakneck pace, staying informed can be difficult. Crypto podcasts are invaluable resources in this context, offering the latest news and developments alongside expert insights and analysis. To navigate this fast-paced landscape with a deeper understanding of digital assets, we highly recommend delving into some of the top crypto podcasts listed above.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our carefully selected cryptocurrency podcasts provide essential insights into the dynamic crypto world. They cover diverse topics like Ethereum, DeFi, macroeconomic trends, and trading strategies. These podcasts like Bankless, are valuable for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape. These podcasts are indispensable for those keen on staying informed and ahead in this rapidly evolving field.