Best Crypto Podcasts

Best Crypto Podcasts

Adrian Graham
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Nov 14, 2022

Staying up to date with the cryptocurrency ecosystem can be difficult, with new projects, technologies, and terminology popping up every day. But keeping up with the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies is crucial for anyone looking to make informed investment decisions or stay ahead of the curve.

That's where podcasts come in. Cryptocurrency podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and developments in the space, and they offer a convenient way to learn about the complex world of digital currencies.

10 Best Crypto Podcasts for 2022

  1. Bankless
  2. Unchained Podcast
  3. Real Vision Crypto
  4. The Daily Gwei
  5. Taiki Maeda
  6. Empire (Blockworks)
  7. The Calculator Guy
  8. UpOnly
  9. Blockworks Macro
  10. Scott Melker

Continue reading our guide if you want to learn more about each podcast and what content or aspect of the digital asset ecosystem they cover.

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Platform Highlights


Bankless is a podcast produced by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, who are two prominent Ethereum and DeFi commentators. Their podcast covers all of the major developments in Crypto, Layer 1's (ETH, Solana, Cosmos, etc.) and macro-finance and provides full coverage for everything you need to know in the digital asset ecosystem.

They are our number 1 recommendation for investors looking for complete coverage of crypto markets.

Bankless Crypto Podcast
The Bankless Podcast.

Unchained Podcast

Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes who has been covering the cryptocurrency space since 2013, hosts Unchained, one of the longest-running and most popular crypto podcasts. Every week, she interviews some of the most influential figures in the space, ranging from CEOs of major exchanges to developers working on cutting-edge projects.

Unchained Crypto Podcast
Unchained Podcast by Laura Shin.

Real Vision Crypto

Real Vision is a leading financial media company that produces high-quality video content for investors. They have a dedicated crypto vertical called Real Vision Crypto, which is led by veteran crypto trader Ran Neuner. The channel produces long-form interviews and documentary-style content that provides an in-depth analysis of the digital currency ecosystem.

Real Vision Crypto Podcast
The Real Vision Crypto Podcast.

The Daily Gwei

The Daily Gwei is an Ethereum-only podcast hosted by Anthony Sassano, a long-term advocate of the ETH ecosystem since 2017.  On the show, Sassano interviews some of the most influential figures in Ethereum, including developers, protocol builders, and other ecosystem participants.

This podcast is a little more technical than the others mentioned in the list. Anthony covers protocol-level developments, layer 2 ecosystems and the growth of zero-knowledge proof technologies being built on Ethereum.

The Daily Gwei
The Daily Gwei Podcast.

Taiki Maeda

Taiki Maeda is a prominent DeFi analyst, researcher and farmer. His podcast covers all things multi-chain DeFi and he helps his followers find the best farming and liquidity providing opportunities to maximize their yields. Taiki is well-known for being early to the alternative layer-1 rotation, where he successfully traded the Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and NEAR bull markets in 2021.

Taiki MaedaPodcast
Taiki Maeda Podcast.

Empire (Blockworks)

Empire is a podcast produced by Blockworks, one of the leading media companies in the macro-finance and blockchain space. The podcast is hosted by Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel who are both leading venture capitalists in the digital asset ecosystem. Santiago is particularly notable and was an early investor in the DeFi bull-run of AAVE, Synthetix, Compound and other applications.

Empire Crypto Podcast
Empire by Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel.

The Calculator Guy

The Calculator Guy is another technical podcast that covers advanced DeFi yield farming strategies. He is well-known for creating 'delta-hedged' strategies, which enable investors to yield farms on various protocols without having directional exposure to any asset. This means that you can earn steady yield farming rewards regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

The Calculator Guy
The Calculator Guy DeFi Podcast.


UpOnly is one of the most popular podcasts in the space hosted by prominent cryptocurrency influencers Crypto Cobain and Ledger Status. This podcast is less focused on technical aspects of the space, and is more for entertainment purposes. They get major guests on the show regularly like Arthur Hayes, Su Zhu, Barry Silbert, Michael Saylor and many others to discuss the state of the markets.

UpOnly Crypto Pofcas
The UpOnly Podcast by Crypto Cobain and LedgerStatus.

Blockworks Macro

Blockworks Macro is primarily a podcast that focuses on macro-finance, fiscal policy and movements in foreign currency markets. That said, their content does a great job at interweaving macro-finance with crypto markets and how they overlap. The podcasts have multiple hosts including Michael Ippolito, Jack Farley and Mark Yusko.

Some of their notable guests have included Kyle Bass, Dan Tapiero, Lyn Alden and Qiao Wang.

Blockworks Macro PO
Blockworks Macro Podcast.

Scott Melker

Scott Melker is a long-time trader in the cryptocurrency space and has been hosting his own podcast called The Wolf Of All Streets since 2018. On his show, he interviews some of the biggest names in the industry including Tim Draper, Riccardo Spagni, Tone Vays and many others. Scott's focus is primarily on trading strategies and technical analysis. He does a great job of breaking down complex concepts in a way that is easy for listeners to understand.

Scott Melker
The Scott Melker Podcast.

Why should I watch Crypto Podcasts?

Podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency space. They also provide insights and analysis from some of the leading figures in the industry. If you're looking to expand your knowledge and understanding of digital assets, then we highly recommend checking out some of the podcasts listed above.

What are your favourite crypto podcasts?

Do you have any favorite crypto podcasts that you would recommend to our readers? If so, please let us know by emailing our team. We love to find new sources of information that we can help share with our readers!

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