Summary: Algeria is experiencing a surge in its cryptocurrency sector, driven by the introduction of reliable and secure exchange platforms. These platforms facilitate an easy pathway for depositing funds in Algerian Dinar (DZD) via bank transfers or credit card transactions, thereby improving the accessibility of digital currencies. 

Our team has diligently reviewed more than 20 digital asset exchanges serving in the region to aid Algerian investors in making informed decisions. We present the top 5 cryptocurrency platforms in Algeria:

  1. Bybit - Best Overall Exchange in Algeria
  2. KuCoin - Best for Trading Altcoins
  3. Kraken - Best for Transparency and Security
  4. OKX - Best Institutional Trading Platform
  5. - Best Non-KYC Exchange
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Top Crypto Platforms in Algeria 

To pinpoint the premier crypto exchanges in Algeria, our expert team has performed thorough research on the globe's most trustworthy and secure platforms, evaluating their functionalities, fees, security, DZD deposit methods, regulation with the Algerian Ministry of Finance, and multilingual customer support. Our comprehensive analysis led to the identification of Algeria's top five cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. Bybit

Bybit is the best cryptocurrency exchange in Algeria, as it provides multiple free DZD deposit methods to buy, sell, hold, trade, and stake over 770 digital assets. As a global trading platform, it is available in 180+ countries globally and supports 20 languages, including English and Arabic. Known for supporting many cryptocurrencies, it allows users to diversify their portfolios. 

The defining characteristics of Bybit include a user-friendly interface, robust security protocols, and high liquidity.  The platform also stands out for its advanced trading features, like futures trading and leverage trading, allowing investors to maximize their profits. The exchange's dedication to customer support, offering 24/7 live chat, and its educational resources for users contribute to its number-one ranking.


2. KuCoin

Occupying the second spot in Algeria's crypto exchange rankings, KuCoin is considered the ideal platform for trading altcoins, memecoins, and NFT coins. It supports over 700 cryptos, including many altcoins, facilitating easy trading of lesser-known and emerging digital currencies. One of KuCoin's standout features is its intuitive and advanced trading platform that caters to all types of traders. 

KuCoin has a range of advanced analytical tools, and users can engage in spot trading, margin trading, and futures contracts with high leverage up to 50x. The availability of the KuCoin Shares (KCS) token, which provides discounted trading fees and bonus rewards, further accentuates its popularity among Algerian crypto investors.


3. Kraken

Kraken, ranked third among Algerian cryptocurrency exchanges, is globally recognized for its transparency and security. Its stringent security measures, which include two-factor authentication, regulatory compliance in over 190 countries globally, withdrawal whitelist feature, and 24/7 platform surveillance, provide users with a high level of trust.

Additionally, its commitment to transparency, reflected in clear fee structures and regular audits, garners appreciation from its user base. Kraken provides regularly audited proof of reserves, which proves the exchange always holds its users' assets 1:1 on the platform, giving peace of mind to its customers.


4. OKX

Ranked fourth in Algeria, OKX is renowned as the best institutional trading platform in the crypto space. The platform is tailored to suit the needs of institutional investors and features a highly scalable and efficient trading infrastructure, and offers spot trading, futures contracts, perpetual swaps, and options trading. OKX also provides an OTC desk for high-net-worth clients with trades over $100K. 

OKX is also known for its extensive DeFi and NFT-related products and services. With its own crypto wallet, DEX, NFT marketplace, blockchain, and on-chain staking services, OKX boasts an extensive DeFi platform with access to 60+ decentralized networks, such as Ethereum, OKX Chain, Binance Chain, Solana and more.



Holding the fifth position in Algeria's crypto exchange ranks, is recognized for its non-KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. The platform supports over 1700 cryptocurrencies and offers many order types, such as spot, margin, and futures trading. Its non-KYC approach allows users to preserve their privacy, trading cryptocurrency without extensive personal information checks.

In addition to its privacy-centric features, provides robust security measures, a simple and easy interface, and low trading fees, all contributing to its rising popularity among Algerian crypto traders. With over 1700 tokens available, provides a diverse investing experience.

Is Cryptocurrency Regulated in Algeria? 

Cryptocurrencies in Algeria are subject to restrictive regulations. The Bank of Algeria and the Algerian Ministry of Finance released a joint declaration in 2017, labeling cryptocurrency usage as a breach of existing regulations. They alerted to the inherent risks of dealing in crypto-assets due to their volatility, absence of regulatory oversight, and potential involvement in illegal activities. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are not officially acknowledged by Algerian authorities, positioning the regulatory environment as one of the most restrictive globally. Nonetheless, Algeria is gradually opening up to cryptocurrencies. Despite initial reluctance from the central bank, recent initiatives hint at a more accommodating legal framework. 

Initially resistant to the idea of digital currencies, Algeria's stance is shifting towards neutrality as global adoption proliferates. Despite the regulatory challenges, Algeria has the second-highest percentage of cryptocurrency investors and traders among all African countries in 2023.

How is Crypto Taxed in Algeria? 

Currently, the regulations concerning cryptocurrency taxation are not fully formed in Algeria. As the regulatory landscape continues to progress, investors are advised to stay updated with the latest updates or seek professional advice regarding tax-related matters.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Algeria 

The procedure for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Algeria has been simplified due to the availability of intuitive platforms. Here's a step-by-step guide: 

  • Choose an Exchange: Opt for platforms accessible from Algeria, such as Kraken or Bybit. 
  • Set Up Account: Register an account on your selected platform. Most platforms mandate Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for security reasons. 
  • Fund Account: Deposit Algerian Dinar or your preferred currency into your account using the offered payment methods. 
  • Purchase Crypto: Utilize the platform’s interface to select Bitcoin, input the desired amount, and complete the transaction. 
  • Monitor Your Investment: Given the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies, it's crucial to regularly monitor your investments. 

Stay informed about regulatory shifts and exercise caution while participating in the Algerian cryptocurrency market.

Final Thoughts

To recap, the expansion of the cryptocurrency sector in Algeria is due to the emergence of trustworthy and secure exchange platforms that offer various deposit options, thereby enhancing the accessibility of digital assets. 

After an exhaustive analysis of over 20 exchanges, we've identified the top five cryptocurrency platforms in Algeria: Bybit, KuCoin, Kraken, OKX, and These platforms distinguish themselves through a range of attributes such as transparency, security, a variety of supported cryptocurrencies, advanced trading features, and excellent customer support.