How to add USDC to MetaMask

How to add USDC to MetaMask

Andrew Chen
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Oct 3, 2022

In this guide, we will outline the safest way to add USDC to your MetaMask wallet. Follow our tutorial to make sure that you are adding the verified USDC contract address to your MetaMask or alternative web 3 wallet.

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How to add USD Coin (USDC) to MetaMask

USDC is a popular choice for Ethereum users because it is a stablecoin, meaning that its value is pegged to the US Dollar. This makes it a great way to store value on the Ethereum blockchain without having to worry about volatility.

Adding USDC to your MetaMask account is incredibly simple and can be done in four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Log in to your MetaMask account or download it and create a wallet.
  • Step 2: Once signed in, select the 'import tokens' button at the bottom of your Wallet extension.
  • Step 3: You will then get taken to the 'Import Tokens' page. Enter 'USDC' into the search field and select 'USD Coin (USDC).
  • Step 4: Once you select USDC, you can click the 'Import Tokens' button to add it to your MetaMask wallet.
3 Step Guide to add USDC to Metamask.

What is USDC?

USDC is a digital dollar stablecoin that is backed by the US Dollar. It is fully collateralized 1:1 with USD and issued by regulated financial institutions, making it a trustless and transparent way to store value on the Ethereum blockchain. USDC is an ERC20 token, which means it can be stored in any ERC20-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask.

How to send USDC to MetaMask

Sending USDC to your MetaMask is easy and can be done from any centralized exchange. In this example, we will use Binance as the exchange we send USDC from to our MetaMask Wallet.

The steps will be the same whether you use Coinbase, Binance, FTX, or another exchange.

  • Step 1: Buy USDC on your local exchange.
  • Step 2: Visit the 'Wallet' or 'Assets' page on your exchange and find the USDC token.
Binance USDC Wallet
  • Step 3: Now you will need to create a Metamask Account and copy your Metamask Wallet address.
  • Step 4: Copy and paste that address into the USDC withdrawal field below that is highlighted in red.
Send USDC to Metamask from Binance
  • Step 5: Once you confirm your transaction, your USDC will arrive in your MetaMask Wallet within 10 minutes.

USDC to USD Price

The chart below is the live price of USDC in US Dollars (USD).

Import USDC to MetaMask

If you need to import the USDC address directly to your MetaMask Wallet, you need to be sure that you're using the verified smart contract address.

The verified USDC address to import into MetaMask can be found on Etherscan.

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