Summary: MetaMask cannot directly integrate with Osmosis due to compatibility differences. Osmosis uses the Cosmos SDK, incompatible with MetaMask's Ethereum-based architecture. For Osmosis users, Keplr Wallet is the top alternative, supporting key Osmosis functionalities like token management and staking, with up to 34% APY. While direct MetaMask support for Osmosis is unlikely, the MetaMask Snaps feature provides a potential workaround, though it's in early beta and may involve certain risks and costs.

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Can I Add Osmosis to MetaMask?

MetaMask does not currently support integration with Osmosis. This limitation arises because MetaMask is specifically designed to support blockchains that utilize the Solidity programming language and are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In contrast, Osmosis is developed using the Cosmos SDK framework, which does not align with the EVM’s architecture or MetaMask’s compatibility requirements. Consequently, users looking to interact with Osmosis must explore wallets that support the Cosmos SDK infrastructure.

Best MetaMask Alternative to Osmosis

Keplr Wallet stands out as the leading alternative for Osmosis and OSMO users, based on extensive analysis of over 10 Cosmos-compatible wallets. It's notably popular among the Cosmos network community, offering efficient management of Cosmos-based tokens. Features include storing, sending, and receiving tokens, plus staking options for coins like OSMO, ATOM and TIA with up to 34% APY potential.

Here's a quick guide to get started with Keplr Wallet:

  1. Downloading Keplr: First, navigate to the Keplr website to download the wallet, which is a convenient browser extension.
  2. Securing Your Keys: Upon setup, Keplr will provide you with private and public keys. These keys are crucial for your account's security and access, so ensure to store them safely.
  3. Funding Your Wallet: To activate and use your wallet, transfer OSMO or ATOM tokens to your Keplr address.
  4. Engaging with Osmosis DEX: With your funded Keplr wallet, you can now access the Osmosis Zone. Here, you have the opportunity to trade or stake your Cosmos tokens.
Best MetaMask Alternative to Osmosis
Best MetaMask Alternative to Osmosis - Keplr.

Will MetaMask Support Osmosis?

Direct support for Osmosis in MetaMask is unlikely, but MetaMask Snaps offers an alternative, notably in its early beta phase. MetaMask Snaps allows for additional functionalities through third-party developed features, like the Leap Cosmos Wallet Snap for Cosmos dApp interaction. Users should exercise caution due to the beta nature of Snaps and potential costs for certain features. For further details, users can visit

About Osmosis

Osmosis is a leading decentralized exchange within the Cosmos ecosystem, functioning as an advanced automated market maker (AMM). It facilitates interchain liquidity, allowing users to swap, earn, and build on this extensive platform. 

With a total value locked (TVL) of $203.4 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $54 million, Osmosis is the largest interchain DEX, supporting over 1000 interchain transfers. It offers features like asset and liquidity analysis, governance participation, and the development of interchain-native applications and smart contracts.

Osmosis DEX.

Final Thoughts

In summary, while MetaMask does not directly support Osmosis due to its architecture tailored for Ethereum-based blockchains, Keplr Wallet emerges as an effective alternative for those in the Cosmos ecosystem. It provides a robust platform for managing, staking, and engaging with Cosmos-based tokens, including OSMO, ATOM, and TIA. For those exploring MetaMask options, the MetaMask Snaps feature offers potential, but with caution due to its beta status and associated risks.