Summary: Linea, a zkEVM roll-up and Ethereum Layer 2 solution, can be added to your MetaMask wallet, enabling access to Linea network applications. Adding Linea can be achieved through ChainList, a user-friendly tool that aggregates verified RPC and network ID information for EVM compatible blockchains. Alternatively, you can manually input Linea's RPC details for a direct connection to the mainnet.

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Can You Add Linea to MetaMask?

Yes, Linea, a zkEVM roll-up built on Ethereum and compatible with Solidity, can be linked to MetaMask. This allows you to engage with Linea network applications via your MetaMask wallet, much like Ethereum mainnet operations. Linea, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, is secure, cost-efficient, and developer-friendly.

How to Add Linea to MetaMask

Adding Linea to your MetaMask wallet is a simple task that can be done using ChainList. This tool offers a user-friendly interface for finding and connecting to any Web3 network that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The platform aggregates all of the verified RPC and network ID information for every layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain that uses the EVM.

Here are the four easy steps to integrate Linea with MetaMask:

  1. Launch the ChainList application.
  2. Utilize the search bar to find 'Linea'.
  3. In the search results, locate the 'Linea' box.
  4. Click on the 'Connect Wallet' button within this box.
Connect to Linea mainnet via Chainlist.

Linea RPC Details

For users who would rather manually input the Linea RPC details into their wallet without using ChainList, here are the verified RPC data for a direct connection to the mainnet.

  • Network name: Linea
  • Network URL:
  • Chain ID: 59144
  • Currency symbol: ETH
  • Block explorer URL:

What is Linea?

Linea is a zkEVM rollup solution designed to enhance Ethereum dapps. It provides low-cost, high-speed transactions while maintaining Ethereum's security. Fully compatible with popular tools like MetaMask, it simplifies user onboarding and dapp development. Powered by ConsenSys, Linea is a key player in promoting Ethereum's decentralization and scalability.

Linea zkEVM rollup.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, integrating Linea, a secure and cost-efficient Ethereum Layer 2 solution, with MetaMask is a straightforward process. This can be done via the ChainList tool, which simplifies the process of connecting to any Web3 network compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, including Linea. Alternatively, Linea's verified RPC data can be manually inputted for a direct connection to the mainnet.