Add Flare to MetaMask

Add Flare to MetaMask

Andrew Chen
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Jan 25, 2023

Summary: The Flare Network can be added to your MetaMask Wallet because it is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible Layer 1 blockchain. The best and safest method to add Flare to MetaMask is with the ChainList App. Their platform aggregates all verified EVM RPC & Chain ID information to allow users to safely add networks to their MetaMask accounts.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to add Flare to your wallet using ChainList.

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ChainList - Aggregator of EVM Networks

Platform Highlights

  • ChainList lists over 100+ EVM Networks for users to easily connect.
  • Trusted and safe platform run by the team at Defillama.com.
  • All RPC details on ChainList are verified by the community and safe to use.
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

How to Add Flare to MetaMask

The easiest way to add Flare Network to your MetaMask Wallet is with ChainList. Their platform helps users connect to all EVM-powered networks by providing verified RPC information to allow users to seamlessly connect to the correct chain. The application was built by the trusted team behind DefiLlama - making it a safe way  to set up networks.

You can follow this simple guide to get started:

  1. Visit ChainList and connect your wallet.
  2. Search for "Flare" in the search tab.
  3. Find Flare and click "Add to MetaMask".
  4. Your MetaMask Wallet will then prompt you to add the network and you're done!
Add Flare to MetaMask
Adding Flare to MetaMask via ChainList.

What is Flare Network?

Flare Network is a Layer 1 blockchain that provides Smart Contract functionality on its network using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as its processor. It also offers a unique feature called Spark which allows users to stake Flare tokens and earn rewards.

The Flare Network has seen increased adoption in recent months and many developers are now building applications and services that are powered by the network. Adding Flare to your wallet will allow you to access all of the services, applications and products that are currently offered on the platform.

Is Flare Safe?

The Flare Network has the same security measures as Ethereum and is 100% secure and safe to use. The ChainList app also helps to verify RPC & Chain ID information for added assurance, making this a safe way of adding networks to MetaMask.

Final Thoughts

Adding Flare to your MetaMask wallet is easy and secure, thanks to ChainList and the team behind DefiLlama. If you are looking to start building projects on the Flare Network or want access to its various services, then adding this network to your wallet is an absolute must.

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