Summary: Users can directly connect Berachain, a Layer-1 blockchain with a unique proof-of-liquidity consensus, to MetaMask using the official Berachain documentation

This integration highlights Berachain's user-friendly approach and commitment to advancing DApp development through EVM compatibility and innovative economic incentives.

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Can I Add Berachain to MetaMask?

Yes, adding Berachain's Artio Testnet to MetaMask is straightforward. As an innovative Layer-1 blockchain, Berachain specializes in enhancing DApp development. Its Artio Testnet, currently the only live version, has been rapidly adopted due to an incentive program for its upcoming airdrop. The network stands out for its innovative proof-of-liquidity (POL) consensus protocol and EVM compatibility.

How to Add Berachain to MetaMask

Berachain, with its innovative Proof-of-Liquidity and EVM compatibility, can be effortlessly connected to your MetaMask wallet. Instead of ChainList, Berachain utilizes its documentation for adding networks. Here’s how to link Berachain’s Artio Testnet to MetaMask:

  1. Visit Berachain Docs: Go to the Berachain official documentation for detailed network information.
  2. Locate Artio Testnet Info: Use the contents section to find specific details about the Artio Testnet.
  3. Click 'Add Testnet': Selecting this option in the documentation automatically initiates the connection process.
  4. Automatically Connect: Your MetaMask wallet will be prompted to add the Berachain Artio Testnet, streamlining your integration.
Connect Directly via Berachain Docs.

Berachain Artio Testnet RPC Details

For users who opt to manually configure Berachain's Artio Testnet in their wallets, bypassing automated methods, the following are the official RPC details for a direct connection:

  • Network Name: Berachain Artio Testnet
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 80085
  • Currency Symbol: BERA
  • Block Explorer URL:

These details facilitate a secure and straightforward integration with the Berachain Artio Testnet, offering comprehensive management and interaction with assets in this EVM-compatible and high-performance blockchain network.

What is Berachain?

Berachain is a groundbreaking layer 1 blockchain featuring a "proof of liquidity" (PoL) consensus, developed in the Cosmos ecosystem. It stands out with its public testnet and $42 million funding. Berachain's unique approach incentivizes liquidity provision in its DeFi ecosystem, where participants earn governance tokens (BGT). 

These tokens, while non-tradeable, can be exchanged for BERA tokens or the HONEY stablecoin, integrating an innovative economic and governance model into the blockchain.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Berachain's integration with MetaMask is a testament to its user-friendly approach and technological innovation. The ease of adding Berachain’s Artio Testnet to MetaMask, whether through official documentation or manual RPC details, demonstrates its commitment to accessibility and EVM compatibility.