and Kucoin are two of the most popular cryptocurrency altcoin exchanges to trade long-tail assets like metaverse coins, NFT coins and meme coins. They both grew in popularity because they were fast to list cryptocurrencies that were only available on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

This vs Kucoin guide is designed to help you determine which trading platform is best for your needs.

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Available Cryptocurrencies 450+ 400+
Trading Fees 0.2% 0.3%
Daily Deposit Limits $10,000 no KYC $5,000 no KYC
Deposit Methods Cryptocurrency, Credit Card & Debit Card, Bank Transfer Cryptocurrency and Credit Card
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Cryptocurrency Staking Image Image
Customer Support Image Image
Website Visit Visit Kucoin

Table of Contents vs Kucoin Trading Fees is one of the cheapest global cryptocurrency exchanges thanks to their extremely competitive 0.2% flat fee for trading.

Kucoin on the other hand is slightly more expensive coming in at 0.3% per trade for users that do not have any trading volume discounts. User Interface

Available Assets is one of the best exchanges to use if you are looking to get early entries into the latest cryptocurrencies. They currently boast over 450 different digital assets and are the fastest in the world to list new coins. 

Kucoin is also highly regarded for the speed at which they list cryptocurrencies, and the amount of options they have. As at time of writing, Kucoin currently offers 400 different cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, stake and trade.

Kucoin User Interface

Cryptocurrency Staking

When comparing vs Kucoin cryptocurrency staking options, it is clear that both platforms have very similar offerings. Both platforms offer roughly 100 different cryptocurrencies to stake and provide the same yields. This means that both and Kucoin take the same fees for staking before paying out rewards to their users. vs Kucoin: Final Verdict

This vs Kucoin comparison highlights that is the superior altcoin exchange when it comes to fees and available assets to trade. Other than that, both platforms provide relatively similar offerings and are great exchanges if you decide to use either one.